Tuya Smart is a one-stop IoT solution provider for all device manufacturers. Our platform enables fast, agile app development, allowing smart device manufacturers to bring their product to market quickly and at competitive prices. Tuya Smart is founded by Jerry Wang, a founding executive of AliYun, Alibaba’s cloud division, along with a group of veterans from such Chinese tech giants as Alibaba, Baidu and Haier Electronics. With extensive knowledge in cloud computing, software development, and hardware and supply chain management, Tuya Smart's team is poised to empower traditional manufacturers to join the smart home revolution and thrive in the age of connectivity. Tuya Smart’s investor include NEA and Alibaba’s early partners. Tuya Smart is headquartered in Hangzhou, China with offices in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the Silicon Valley.
Supported by a worldwide deployed smart cloud, Tuya Smart’s semantic recognition engine and real-time cloud computing capability allows developers to tap the power of Artificial Intelligence technology, including deep machine learning, voice recognition and facial recognition.

And of course, Tuya Smart takes data security and privacy of personal information very seriously. To this end, we have adapted advanced security technology, including military-grade encryption, full-web HTTPS, virtual device, dynamic password, dual password and encrypted communication.

Tuya Smart products are classified into four main home appliance categories: major appliance, small appliance, consumer electronics and lighting. So far, we has covered all the home appliances on the worldwide market, including lights, electrical plugs, air conditioners, air purifiers and water purifiers, in addition to 36 other industry categories.
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