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Tuya and ADEO Services jointly expand the boundaries of smart living

  • 2019-06-13
  • Smart Living,ADEO,Strategic cooperation

Innovative technology is leading the upgrade of consumer products, driving the penetration of consumer IoT equipment in the smart home improvement market.

June 12, 2019. The annual Asia Consumer Electronics Show (CES Asia) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 11th to 13th. Tuya, the global AI+IoT platform and ADEO Services, the world's third largest home building materials group, signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the exhibition site, in the presence of executives from Tuya and ADEO Group.

The history of ADEO Services dates back to 1923 in France, formerly Leroy Merlin Group. Today ADEO has 112,000 employees in 15 countries, with 14 brands, 33 subsidiaries, and 760 affiliated stores, including building materials superstore "Leroy Merlin", "BRICO-CENTER", "AKI", "Weldom", "BRICOMAN" and "Dom Pro".

With deep industry influence in the home renovation sector, ADEO’s brands are trusted by consumers across Europe’s offline channels.

With Tuya as a global strategic partner, ADEO Services will fully deploy smart home decoration, bring technology to traditional interior decoration, and create a closed loop of intelligent homes.

As the world's leading "AI+IoT" platform, Tuya Smart was listed in the Hurun Research Unicorn list in 2019 with a value of over $1.4 billion. By connecting the intelligent needs of consumers, manufacturing brands, OEMs and retail chains, Tuya provides customers with a one-stop artificial intelligence IoT solution.

The strategic cooperation with Tuya will help ADEO Services to carry out the intelligent layout of the Group's business, and build a smart product library for its chain stores across Europe, providing consumer IoT equipment with excellent price and excellent performance, at the same time promote the commercialization of European wisdom home improvement.

All consumer IoT devices powered by Tuya have the “Powered by Tuya (PBT)” identification code, which means that the product can be connected to the Tuya cloud for cross-brand connectivity, using a mobile app to control all brands. Smart devices, this is also an important measure for Tuya to open up the smart home industry and accelerate the promotion of global intelligent business.

Leo Chen, Chairman and President of Tuya, said: “In the future, Tuya and ADEO Services will continue to deepen cooperation in the field of smart living. On the one hand, through the offline channels of ADEO Services throughout Europe, we will provide consumers with a wide range of intelligent products. On the other hand, through the introduction of Tuya IoT OS technical support, ADEO Services will also fully realize the intelligent adjustment of business layout, and build a smart living ecosystem with home improvement as the point of entry.”

About Tuya

Tuya is a global IoT platform provider with world-leading voice and Al capabilities. By enabling smart products for consumers, brands, OEM manufacturers and retail chains, Tuya provides users with a one-stop solution that includes hardware access, cloud services, and app development capabilities.

Together with industry partners, Tuya is serving almost 93,000 clients across the globe with 100 million connected devices. Daily device processing requests have exceeded 50 billion, with 20 million AI voice interactions per day, and 15 PB of accumulated data.

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