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Home>Tuya News>Tuya Smart Annouces Partnership with ZAIN KSA to Drive Smart Transformation in the Middle East
Tuya Smart Annouces Partnership with ZAIN KSA to Drive Smart Transformation in the Middle East
Mar 20, 2024

March 5, 2024 - Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT developer service provider, announced a partnership agreement with ZAIN KSA, Saudi Arabia's leading telecommunications mobile operator, at the Middle East Technology Summit LEAP 2024.

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The partnership will extend across key domains such as energy management and smart commercial applications. By combining their strengths, Tuya Smart and ZAIN KSA aim to deliver innovative and competitive smart solutions, propelling the Middle East market further into the era of smart transformation.

ZAIN KSA's Ambitious Leap into Smart Transformation

In the vibrant landscape of the Middle East, ZAIN KSA takes a strategic step towards a transformative future, aligning with the rising tide of smart technologies.

Smart technology stands at the forefront of driving economic progress and sustainable development in the Middle East. Enterprises across the region are intensifying their commitment to integrating smart solutions, sparking a surge in smart transformation efforts. According to IBM's projections, the Middle East's GDP is poised to benefit significantly, with smart technology contributing over $300 billion by the year 2031.

ZAIN KSA, a distinguished telecommunications and mobile operator in the Middle East, holds a robust position in delivering connectivity solutions. Committed to providing cutting-edge services encompassing communication, 5G networks, digital payments, and innovative solutions, ZAIN KSA seeks to elevate the communication experience for consumers. Recognizing the immense market potential, ZAIN KSA is now delving deeper into the realm of smart technology. Bolstered by Tuya's profound technical expertise and extensive practical experience in the smart technology domain, offering tailored and comprehensive solutions, ZAIN KSA has strategically partnered with Tuya to collectively enhance operational efficiency and drive smart transformation for its customers.

Tuya and ZAIN KSA: Crafting the Future of Smart Environments

In a continued collaboration, Tuya and ZAIN KSA pave the way for an evolved landscape of smart scenarios.

The year 2023 marked the initiation of an alliance between ZAIN KSA and Tuya, initially focusing on the realm of smart business with an emphasis on driving SaaS solutions. Expanding on this synergy, both entities have opted to intensify their partnership in the smart commerce domain. Leveraging Tuya's Building Energy Management System and Cube Cloud Solution, the collaboration aims to infuse fresh vitality into ZAIN KSA's Cloud Solution department, facilitating the rapid penetration of the smart market in the Middle East.

Within the domain of smart commercial, Tuya extends its support to ZAIN KSA through four pivotal standard SaaS offerings: smart hospitality, smart residential, smart commercial lighting & office, and smart house & real estate. Complemented by a modular and integrated product application framework rooted in these SaaS standards, this collaborative effort is poised to meet the diverse demands of customers effectively. Furthermore, ZAIN KSA's extensive customer base and technical prowess in the Middle East uniquely position it to address the smart scene construction needs of vertical industries such as real estate, encompassing apartments, hotels, offices, and residential spaces. The result is an elevated smart living experience for customers and consumers across the Middle East.

Building Energy Management System AreaBuilding Energy Management System Area

In the dynamic realm of smart energy management, ZAIN KSA responds to the pressing demands for energy conservation and consumption reduction with the implementation of the Tuya Building Energy Management System. This innovative system enables ZAIN KSA to swiftly attain smart management of critical resources, including water, electricity, and gas, leading to a substantial reduction in energy consumption across diverse environments such as office buildings, shopping malls, and warehousing facilities. Notably, the system further enables ZAIN KSA to facilitate the creation of smart devices and systems, such as photovoltaics and energy storage, seamlessly integrating with Tuya's extensive smart hardware ecosystem. This collaborative effort expedites the development of smart scenarios, fostering a more scientific and efficient approach to energy conservation and emission reduction.

Moreover, Tuya extends its support to ZAIN KSA in the comprehensive privatization deployment of the IoT platform. Leveraging the Tuya Cube Cloud Solution, ZAIN KSA can swiftly establish a proprietary IoT platform distinguished by differentiated functions, robust system stability, and complete data independence. This proprietary platform equips ZAIN KSA with the capability to realize value-added functionalities, including seamless device connectivity, user-friendly operations, insightful information analysis, and expeditious application development. The result is a tailored and differentiated support system catering to diverse industries and scenarios, thereby unlocking substantial commercial value for ZAIN KSA.

The partnership not only propels local customers into a new era of smart transformation but also catalyzes green and low-carbon development in the Middle East, hastening the march towards sustainable progress.

Smart Technology Illuminates the Future, Elevating Customer Experience

Embarking on a fresh journey, ZAIN KSA unveils comprehensive plans for the future. The telecom giant is poised to bolster its collaboration with Tuya, delivering high-quality, integrated products, and services to the Middle East market and global clientele. Centered around smart technology innovation, this collaboration aims to provide customers with enhanced and convenient solutions, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of market trends.


Sultan AlHadlag, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at ZAIN KSA, affirms, "ZAIN KSA prioritizes customer needs, particularly in the realm of smart transformation. Our commitment is to delve deeper into exploration, bringing more efficient and convenient transformation solutions to our valued customers. Tuya's leading technological prowess, as a smart technology leader, will undoubtedly elevate our technology, products, and services. We envision a future of strengthened collaboration, creating an enhanced service experience for our customers."

Alex Yang, Co-Founder and COO of Tuya Smart, expresses confidence in the partnership, stating, "As one of the most influential telecom and mobile operators in the Middle East, ZAIN KSA's extensive customer resources and practical experience make it a crucial partner for our Middle East expansion. Following our successful collaboration in smart commercial last year, we're expanding into new territories such as smart energy management. Our partnership with ZAIN KSA is poised to provide us with a strong advantage in the Middle East market."

Signing siteSigning site

This successful collaboration not only paving the way for smart transformation in the Middle East, but also setting a global standard for innovation in smart technology. Moving forward, Tuya remains committed to exploring the realms of smart technology, unveiling continuous waves of innovative solutions and products. Together with global developers, Tuya aspires to co-create a smarter and brighter future.

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