Device Messages
Detect events from IoT devices and applications, and respond through messages and monitoring.
What is Device Messages?
Device messages is a managed service that uses the data transmission capabilities of the Internet of Things to send real-time messages and trigger alert monitoring based on different application scenarios. You can easily detect events from IoT devices, applications, and environments, and establish preset responses. These events can define and apply complex data patterns, such as an air purifier providing suggestions to improve the comfort level according to humidity, temperature, and air quality detected. Without using device events, cleaning and analyzing data requires costly custom applications to perform data matching analysis that then triggers another application to respond to the event. With device events, you can complete these projects visually with no code, reduce maintenance costs, and improve operational efficiency.
Available in all scenarios
This can be applied to various scenarios to display non-urgent reminders, trigger regular notifications, and monitor critical alerts.
Easily configure online visual forms with no development.
One-click references
The platform also recommends device event templates for each category that you can apply to your own product models with one click to quickly make your products "smart".
Support flexible configuration rules for any device function and use multi-level rule algorithms to customize your push notifications.
How it works
Application Scenario
Smart security
Security service providers use device events to add sensors and cameras in the home to a real-time monitoring defense network, which then formulates defense strategies according to the status of family members. When a security risk event occurs, alert messages will be sent to the family members and security personnel in a timely and effective manner, so that the event can be dealt with in time to avoid losses.
Smart scenarios for household devices
Home appliances are mainly used to improve consumers' comfort level, and include devices such as air conditioners, air purifiers, and thermostats. Using the platform's device event services, you should be able to easily and continuously build and optimize suggestions for consumers, without having to obtain any sensitive customer information. Therefore, you can continuously improve the product experience and recognition in subsequent services while maintaining data security.
Some devices have built-in consumables or are used with consumables, such as purifiers, essential oil diffusers, toothbrushes, pet feeders, and printers. The device event service can detect the remaining amount of consumables at any time and remind users to replenish them in time to create opportunities for continued service.
Create device events
Based on product functions, you can configure flexible rules to create trigger conditions, choose to send notifications to product users through the application, or send the event to the monitoring console for viewing and processing.
One-click reference to event template
You can directly refer to device events recommended by the system based on product features and industrial big data. You can complete the definition of conditions and executions without any operations.
Alert monitoring
On the alert monitoring page of the IoT Console, the alerts triggered by events are received, processed, and marked.
Push notifications and messages
On the app that manages the device, consumers can receive the application push notifications in the mobile OS, or view the alerts on the app notification page.
Get Started
Enter IoT Console
Create Product
Function Definition
Create Device Event/Refer to Recommended Device Event
Confirm Event Rules and Execute
Save and Submit
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