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Smart Operations
Easily monitor and service your smart device installations without bothering end users.
What is Smart Operations?
The Operations Platform helps brand owners, property developers, and home renovation companies easily monitor and address all smart device-related issues without having to trouble end users. Smoothly operating a large network of smart devices can be very difficult and can involve a lot of headaches with hardware, firmware, and network connections. Even locating the exact area of a problem can be difficult. The Operations Platform allows for quick discovery, assessment, and remedying of all troubleshooting issues via powerful functions such as rule assignments and automatic ticketing, significantly improving after-sales service efficiency and decreasing operational overhead.
Reduce operational costs
The Operations Platform allows your personnel to quickly and easily retrieve user information and device operation status in real time.
Usage data analysis
Remote monitoring in combination with big data and AI capabilities provides app and device usage data to improve the user experience.
Improve operational efficiency
Remotely view smart home information, device topology structures, device logs, and more. Quickly troubleshoot and solve problems via remote debugging and upgrading.
Optimize operational knowledge base
Continuously accumulate smart device knowledge, such as technologies, use cases, and FAQs, and gradually build and optimize an operational knowledge base to help users quickly resolve problems.
Boost brand value
Our powerful after-sales customer support services help you win the loyalty of end users. Resolve potential hardware problems in time or even in advance to improve your brand value.
Create new opportunities
Automated ticketing ensures continuous online and offline services. We provide onsite services to reduce cost and time and ensure minimum downtime of the devices.
How it works
Application Scenario
Smart home brand owners
After entering the smart industry, it is usually difficult for brand owners to smoothly operate mass devices. Our Operations Platform helps you build a new after-sales service system of smart devices. You can use it to monitor all smart devices and quickly locate and resolve device issues. This will deepen user loyalty and improve your market competitiveness.
Smart building developers
As pre-installed smart home systems become a differentiator and major selling point, more builders are developing smart buildings. However, builders are often not equipped to handle the continuous upkeep of smart device systems for the building owners. To overcome this challenge, we designed our Operations Platform as a way to centrally manage and monitor smart devices.
Build service workflow rules on-demand
Using service groups and problem allocation rules, the system automatically assigns problems to different service groups based on satisfaction, conversion rate, performance, workload, and customer priority.
Create an operational knowledge base
You can customize an operational knowledge base of smart devices that can be referenced by after-sales service staff to efficiently resolve users' problems.
View user and device information
After obtaining user authorization, you can query the user's smart home information, including home members, device topology diagrams, scenarios and automation, online and offline status, device location, and operation logs.
Check device usage data
You can view device information from different perspectives, including device type, activation time, device status, battery level, firmware version, and command transmission.
Obtain gateway logs
You can query, download, and back-up gateway logs that facilitate problem location.
Our Operations Platform serves to help enterprises quickly locate device faults and smoothly manage massive smart devices. Several subscription options are available.
Software license feeUSD $7,500 per yearProvides authorized use of the Operations Platform and the functions of subsequent iterations.
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Additional account activation feeUSD $150 per additional accountProvides the additional accounts you need after you launch the Operations Platform. The fee is paid only once and includes 10 additional accounts.
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OEM ProductUSD $1,500Provides the domain name of the software and custom logo.
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