Smart Home Solution
Panel serves as a control hub to achieve device interconnection.
The control panel, acting as the smart home control hub, is a hybrid of cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing, 5G, and AI voice control. It delivers a safe and cozy smart life to users with a multi-scenario and tailored functionality.
Solution Benefits
Smart home control
Tuya's central control panel can integrate with various devices and be compatible with most devices of the Tuya ecosystem. With the control panel, users can easily and precisely control smart devices like lights, curtains, and more. One panel connects a home to a smart world.
AI voice control
Say "Hello, Tuya Smart" to activate smart life and start smart control. Say goodbye to remotely activate leaving home scenario. It's time to get smart home systems and voice control hooked up.
Multi-product integration
Tuya supports ready-to-use smart control panels and custom OEM. Coupled with Tuya's self-developed PCBA, we offer authorized core modules and hardware solutions. You can get authorized through IoTOS SDK to quickly implement smart home solutions.
Interconnection across brands and categories
With built-in Tuya IoTOS, Tuya smart control panel works with most devices of the Tuya ecosystem to address your needs. Massive Powered by Tuya smart devices give you flexible smart home solutions.
Solution Architecture
Tuya's smart control panel perfectly integrates with the powerful Tuya IoTOS, Zigbee gateway, voice control, and structured hardware and software design.
Diversified Hardware Product Ecosystem
Tuya ecosystem provides various smart products to boost the quick implementation of smart home solutions.
Application Scenarios
Smart lighting
Smart security
Smart media
Temperature control & air purifying
Personal health
Window shades
Smart lighting
Embracing smart life begins from turning on light and changing its colors. We help you build smart products across lighting categories with our development-free solutions, OEM apps, and versatile platforms, creating a smart product within a day. Fine-tuned dimmer 16 million color schemes and adjustable color temperatures. Multiple modes Offer lighting modes for reading, theater, party, and beyond. Multi-client control Control lights with apps, smart control panel, or voices.
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