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Smart Voice-Enabled Solutions

Use your voice to interact with smart products.
Tuya Smart Voice-enabled Solutions

Tuya Smart Voice-enabled Solutions

Our comprehensive, smart voice-enabled solutions provide diverse skill services and device control capabilities based on voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Baidu DuerOS, and others. Backed by Tuya's voice modules, our one-stop voice-enabled solutions cover software, hardware, and acoustic design services. As an official Amazon certified system integrator, Tuya provides design and certification services for Alexa Built-in products.

Customer Stories

Avatar AVS IR remote control
Integration with AVS service enables IR gateway remote controls to acquire over 20,000 Amazon skills and linked with all Works with Alexa (WWA) devices.
Avatar AVS IR remote control
Helmer voice control panel
Helmer's products are interconnected and interoperable with over 200,000 devices Powered by Tuya. Besides, Tuya voice platform provides Helmer with voice capabilities of audio-visual entertainment and children education.
Helmer voice control panel
Tan Sir: shared air purification
By integrating with smart hotel solutions, Tan Sir implements smart voice applications to device broadcast, welcome message, and operation prompts.
Tan Sir: shared air purification


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