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Various perfected and cost-effective solutions quickly build your smart products.
Smart Electrical Solutions

Plugs and outlets

Plugs and outlets become smart by adopting wireless communication technology in combination with relay on/off principle. Quickly make non-smart devices to be remote controlled by APP, automatically controlled by shcedule, hands-free controlled by voice. Thanks to Tuya's standardized smart solutions, you can achieve rapid mass production and shipment at lower costs and higher efficiency.
Plugs and outlets

Solution Highlights

Plentiful smart categories

Cover indoor and outdoor application, provide various standards plugs.

Smart Scheduling

Countdown, random timing, cycle timing, and power-off delay timing.

Electrical safety

Zero-crossing detection, over-temperature protection, and overcurrent protection.

Energy management

Energy usage monitoring, daily, monthly and annual data view, and cost management.

Switches & Accessories

For newly installed homes and rooms, Tuya provides solutions of a full set of wall-mounted switches, replacing the original wall series products. For a large number of installation scenarios in the stock market where there is no reserved neutral wire, Tuya provides solutions of smart switches (no neutral wire required) to replace the traditional mechanical switches in situ. You do not need to re-smash the wall and arrange the wiring.
Switches & Accessories

Solution Highlights

Plentiful smart categories

Light control switch, dimmer switch, curtain switch, fan switch, and wireless switch.

Compatible with many types of switches

Rocker switch, paddle switch, touch switch, toggle switch, and rotary switch.

Various panel styles

Skeuomorphism style, functional display style, and minimalism style.

Powerful hardware and software functionality

Cloud dual control and local dual control.

Retrofit Controllers

If you do not want to change the appearance and usage habits of existing products, you can modify the switch box, while retaining the appearance and control experience of the original wall-mounted switches. Tuya provides many retrofit smart switch boxes applicable for light control, dimming, curtains, and speed control.
Retrofit Controllers

Solution Highlights

Plentiful smart categories

Curtain switch, disinfection lamp switch, dimming switch, and speed control switch.

Compatible with different installation

Flush mounting, ceiling mounting, surface mounting

Diversified application scenarios

Retrofit garage doors, lighting, power, celling fan and curtains.

Great functionality

User-friendly pairing prompt, over-current detection, compatible with conventional switches of various forms and multiple remote controls.

Power distribution & Smart Meter

Supported by Tuya's global Cloud Platform, smart switches can be deployed globally and easily controlled by mobile phones. Integrate protection, control, alert, and metering. Industrial grade smart control contributes to the wonderful buildings. Remote control and SaaS background provide a continuous impetus for your life and work.
Power distribution & Smart Meter

Solution Highlights

Industrial grade smart control

Remote opening and closing of breakers, and cost preset.

Professional electrical protection

Energy consumption monitoring, threshold alarms, and exception monitoring.

Plentiful smart categories

Switches, water meters, electricity meters, gas meters, heat meters, and inverters.

SaaS Solutions

Hotel energy system, apartment energy system, and residential energy system.
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