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What Is IoTOS SDK?

What Is IoTOS SDK?

Using the networking capabilities of smart devices, Tuya IoTOS SDK serves as the software middleware to build communication links with Tuya AI + IoT Developer Platform and Tuya's apps and perform Tuya standard data transmission. Prerequisites: 1. Currently, Tuya IoTOS SDK only applies to devices with screens. You can bind and activate devices by scanning the QR code. 2. Before development, you need to register an account on the Tuya IoT Platform to get the required information for device development, including the product ID, authorization code, and more.

IoTOS SDK Benefits

Demo Source Code

Offer standard demo and corresponding source code to reduce the burden of development.

Full API Package

Tuya provides the API package including all necessary logic and relevant API protocols. You can focus purely on developing and refining product functionality.

Total Interoperability

Get cutting-edge IoT technologies and focus on product innovation while providing users with innovative interactive experiences to boost market competitiveness.

Global Deployment

Tuya deploys six data centers globally and provides the best services for customers worldwide.
IoTOS SDK Benefits

TV App

One-click OEM

One-click OEM

Our one-stop OEM TV app solutions help you build a branded app based on a tested template and handle app maintenance.
Publish on Google Play

Publish on Google Play

Provide fully-managed app publishing services including publishing documents preparation and app push notifications.
Sync Account

Sync Account

Scan the QR code to log in and sync home, scenario, and device information with the TV app.
Push Messages

Push Messages

Push the media messages and exception alerts to the TV, so you instantly know what's happening in your home.
Device Control

Device Control

Control smart home devices with the TV.
Video Preview

Video Preview

Stream live video from webcams to TV. You can switch resolutions and adjust the orientation.

Photo Cloud Storage

Secure Storage
Multiple Encryption
Multi-device Sharing
Store photos in the cloud, allowing you to view photos even if the device is offline or lost.
Implement a financial-level encryption solution. Keep your data and channels secure, from transmission to storage.
Share smart devices with multiple household members, allowing them to upload photos to the same device.

IoT Smart Earphones

IoT Device Voice Reminder

Monitor the operation of smart home devices, involving function usage, push messages, device faults, and more. Never miss any urgent messages.

Earphone Anti-lost

Your mobile phone instantly detects the distance between the earphones and the mobile phone. If it is too far, you will receive a voice reminder.

AI Voice Assistant

One-button to wake up the voice assistant and enjoy hands-free device control.
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