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AI + IP Camera Solutions

Security Camera

Tuya provides smart solutions for security cameras across all categories, covering smart cameras, smart access controls, video intercom systems, smart peepholes, edge storage gateways, and edge computing gateways. Our one-stop full-link solutions are fully functional, encompassing two-way talk, video talkback, edge and storage analysis, human shape detection, event reporting, remote processing, embedded SDK, stable and reliable P2P transmission, multi-scenario apps and web clients as well as third-party service integration.
Security Camera

Solution Highlights

Traditional cameras

Provide complete security monitoring functionality.

Low power consumption

Support hibernation and wake-up. You can put them anywhere you want, requiring no utility power, wired network, or wiring.


Support NVR, DVR, and other recording devices. You can view multiple devices simultaneously, and easily respond to various commercial and professional security scenarios.

Visual Life

Tuya empowers more devices with audio and video capabilities. By integrating Tuya's IPC SDK, any device can gain more powerful capabilities through camera integration. Video technology, as an important entry into AI, solidly supports the visualization and intelligence of devices, and helps products to be powered by AI.
Visual Life

Solution Highlights

Cameras plus doorbell

Give you a realistic view of your doorstep and speak to visitors in real time. Pair with a smart lock to let the right visitors in.

Camera plus pet feeder

Let you see, talk, play with your beloved pet, and see the feeding pattern through your mobile phone.

Camera plus baby monitor

Monitor baby's breathing in real-times, and soothe baby with different lullabies. Support temperature and cry detection and live alerts.

Camera plus infinity

No matter what the device is, integrating with cameras lets it see the world. Coupled with AI technology gives devices unlimited possibilities.
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