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Smart Outdoor Solutions
Map Services

Map Services

Support integration with mapping services such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Amap, automatically switching maps based on users' time zone. Provide globally precise positioning services combining GPS, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, base stations, and Wi-Fi. Diversified geofencing settings are available, and users can have geofence-based notifications sent to a mobile app or via text messages. With vehicle positioning, when a car enters a designated area, linkage with the smart home will be triggered to let users fully enjoy a smart lifestyle.

Route Records

Smart devices send GPS data to the cloud and use the GPS data of the mobile phone to draw routes. Calibrate routes depending on various map services to provide precise routes. Movement routes are stored in the cloud and clear at a glance on the app.
Route Records
Positioning Management Platform

Positioning Management Platform

Tuya's cloud computing-integrated positioning management platform provides location-based services, allowing users to precisely and easily locate vehicles, people, items, and pets. Monitor device status, historical routes, and real-time mileage to facilitate product management. View device expiration dates to assist in O&M services. Safety alerts help to keep users and their property safe. Comprehensive data statistics provide a solid foundation for decision-making.

Massive Control Panels

Wide Coverage of Functionality

Tuya's all-in-one panels support various functionality including precise positioning, geofencing, route drawing, and route playback, applicable to smart solutions across all outdoor devices.

Panel Studio

At the Panel Studio, you can customize the layout, style, and user interface of the control panel in light of the features of different products.

Efficient Extension Development

The panel adopts a modular development approach to combine functional modules like a building block. Each independent functional module is maintained and optimized at lower risk and cost, facilitating flexible and convenient extension development and iteration of new functions.

Flexible Panel Configuration

The panel components are called from Tuya RN component library, featuring a modern user interface, uniform style, and easy-to-use UI. The panel supports a range of custom configurations. Flexibly configure content and style for each functional module to fit different product definitions and scenes.
Massive Control Panels

Various Development Methods

Communication Module

Communication Module

Support protocols applying to outdoor applications, like BLE, NB-IoT, and LTE Cat 1. Self-developed plug-and-play modules are cost-effective with multiple communication modes, delivering an outstanding user experience.
Link SDK

Link SDK

Connect any self-developed IoT device to the Tuya IoT Platform. Provide core capabilities like device connection, uplink and downlink communication, and OTA, independent of specific device platforms and operating systems. Using adaptive interfaces, you can connect devices to Tuya Cloud.


Specially built for IoT mobile app development, the SDK provides various components and sample codes that allow you to quickly implement the connection and control of smart devices and smart application scenes.


Tuya provides development-free UI BizBundles based on the IoT App SDK, packing complex and general-purpose functional modules. You can implement full functionality by calling APIs, helping to relieve you from heavy development work.

Smart Integration Process

Determining Solution
Online Product Development
Smart Production Test
Smart Product Launch

Tuya IoT Platform

Operations Platform

Tuya's operations platform makes data valuable. You have access to data including operation overview, devices analysis, app analysis, and feedback. Provide a thorough data analysis of the devices and app users based on user registration, device activation, device activity, interaction, device linkage, and user feedback.

OTA Platform

Manage OTA updates for all devices connected to Tuya Cloud, including firmware versions, grayscale releases, visualized data reports, and update strategies. Enable connected devices to perform remote updates, function updates, and continuous iteration.

Log Platform

Device logs record device usage by time, which is stored on the Tuya Cloud. You can view the logs in the IoT Platform in real time.

Multilingual Support

Our apps support multiple languages, including Chinese, English, German, French, and Japanese. The continuously updated and improved language localization will help you smoothly enter a foreign market.
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