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Smart Pet Tech Solutions


Pet tech product solutions range from feeding, drinking, cleaning, pet teaser, sleeping, to outdoor activities. You can implement a comprehensive solution starting from function definition, module selection, to marketing promotion by using the Tuya IoT Platform. Hence, a typical pet supply can be integrated with app remote control, voice control, and other smart capabilities to achieve product innovation and a better user experience.

Application Scenarios


The smart pet feeder has full functionality, including precise portion sizes and meal schedule, local feeding plan, timely push notification, remote control via app, feeding logs, voice-control enabled, eating habit training, live viewing, voice interactions, and video and photo capture via an app.


The smart pet drinking fountain features filter replacement reminders, cleaning reminders, water level indicators, flow adjustment, UV sterilization, water temperature setting, hair contaminant filtering, indicator adjustment, daily water intake monitoring, and fault notification.

Outdoor Activities

The smart pet tracker keeps our furry friends safe. It lets owners locate pets on demand and monitor their activities. Owners can set a virtual fence and receive mobile alerts when pets move beyond it. Supports mode switching and low battery reminders. The pet carrier backpack keeps the traveling companion comfortable. It has a built-in fan with adjustable speed. Support light control, temperature monitoring, and safety alerts.


The efficient cleaning and deodorizing products cover smart litter boxes, smart pet odor eliminators, and smart pet hair drying boxes, and more.


Smart treat dispenser lets owners toss treats at a tap of a finger. Monitor your pet through livestream video with a wider field of vision. Support voice control, feeding programs, and low battery notification.


The smart pet house gives the pet a restful oasis. It boasts adjustable temperature, light control, disinfection, weight record, temperature and humidity monitoring, and safety alerts. The infrared sensors track and record resting patterns, helping owners to better understand their pet's comfort level.
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