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Various perfected and cost-effective solutions quickly build your smart products.

Smart Campus Solution

Propel smart transition of campus scenarios through IoT.
Smart Campus Solution


The Tuya smart campus solutions are rooted in the resourceful Powered by Tuya ecosystem and PaaS capabilities. They provide real-time passive data collection, smart control, and data analytics for education scenarios, aiming to improve management efficiency and facilitate the smart transformation of the education industry.

Solution Benefits

Diversified smart products

Tuya has accumulated numerous smart product solutions, which can be selectively applied to smart campus scenarios.

Multi-terminal management system

Multiple user terminals, such as cloud platforms and apps, allow students, teachers, and administrators to easily access smart campus services.

Open PaaS capabilities

Tuya Smart provides a variety of open APIs to help you implement fundamental IoT capabilities and integrate the existing resources of the education industry, so that various system integrators can be integrated into your platform.

Partner ecosystem

As an open global AI + IoT platform, Tuya supports smart device integration across brands, and empower schools, independent software vendors (ISVs), independent hardware vendors (IHVs), and system integrators (SIs) to accelerate smart upgrades of education industry.

Solution Architecture

Tuya opens up full-link PaaS capabilities of the hardware, cloud services, and client. IHVs can integrate smart educational devices into the Powered by Tuya (PBT) ecosystem through open hardware integration capabilities to enjoy the global multi-channel promotion. Catering for needs of a smart campus, ISVs can create specified scenario applications based on the PBT ecosystem, and jointly implement the smart campus project with the SIs.
Solution Architecture

Diversified Hardware Product Ecosystem

Tuya provides diverse smart products for smart campus solutions and enables IHVs to integrate more smart products to quickly implement projects.
Diversified Hardware Product Ecosystem

Application Scenarios

Classroom Smart Lighting
Environment Monitor
Sustainable Campus
Electrical Safety
Smart Access Control

The traditional classroom lighting only serves to compensate reduced natural light. The Tuya smart lighting solutions adjust brightness according to the ambient light and room traffic, and also support scenario automation.

Constant illuminance
Constant illuminance

The lighting brightness is automatically adjusted according to the light sensors to keep the indoor illuminance constant and prevent eyesight damage.

Study room lighting
Study room lighting

Divide the study room into multiple areas, detect the human presence through motion detectors, and only turn lights on where students are located.

Scenario lighting
Scenario lighting

Preset lighting modes for scenarios such as daylight, nighttime, self-study, projection, and more, and tap to switch between modes.

Partner Recruitment

Independent Hardware Vendors

Independent Hardware Vendors

Make campus devices smart and join Tuya hardware product ecosystem.
SaaS Independent Software Vendors

SaaS Independent Software Vendors

Implement smart campus SaaS solutions, and join Tuya Solution Center to jointly serve customers in the education industry.
Looking for Smart Campus Solutions

Looking for Smart Campus Solutions

Provide the most suitable industry scenario solutions for companies or institutions that demand smart campus solutions.

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