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Smart Energy Solution

Effciently enable smart energy solution across multiple scenarios.
Smart Energy Solution


Tuya Smart Energy Solutions leverage our AI+IoT platform and smart product ecosystem to achieve more efficient energy management in different application scenarios. Combine the collected devices energy consumption data with smart algorithms and analytics tools to bring our enterprise customers competitive smart energy SaaS applications. Aiming to help enterprise to cost-down and offer the optimal experience to end-customer.

Solution Benefits

Device energy consumption data

Quickly enable energy-related devices utilizing Tuya IoT Platform to achieve live energy data monitor, including electricity, water, gas, and more. The smart devices support majority communication protocols, and the low-code development platform significantly reduces the cost of the smart upgrade.

Versatile industry SaaS

Tuya Smart Energy solution is also compatible with other Tuya Smart Business SaaS solutions, such as Smart Community, Smart hotels, and more. Integrating the Smart Energy solution with business SaaS using Tuya OpenAPIs to easily upgrade energy management across various business scenarios.

Full-stack IoT platform

Tuya IoT platform provides full-link IoT infrastructure, including network module, gateway, apps, and cloud platform. Based on the Tuya OpenAPIs, such as scenario automation and data analytics to boost smart energy SaaS applications.

Energy-saving algorithm

Keep iterating energy-saving algorithms based on application scenarios, such as households, factories, office buildings, hotels, campuses, and more. Integrate scenario automation, data analytics to prevent energy waste, reduce cost, and optimize energy spending.

Cloud-edge computing

Quickly integrate energy devices through edge gateways, collecting live energy consumption data, and sync to the cloud to reduce data transmission costs. Utilize rule engine capabilities to achieve local devices' anatomy.

Data visualization and analysis

The data center is capable of displaying data and perform analysis of different dimensions, such as device level, user level, and more. Fulfilling the demand for data collecting, processing, and analyzing.

Solution Architecture

Tuya Smart Energy Solutions use our AI+IoT platform's capabilities to offer PaaS solutions and multi-scenario SaaS applications for powerful energy data features.
Solution Architecture

Diversified Hardware Product Ecosystem

Tuya provides diverse smart products for energy solutions and keeps introducing more IHVs to broaden the hardware ecosystem, helping you to quickly integrate energy devices and implement projects.
Diversified Hardware Product Ecosystem

Application Scenarios

Home Energy Management
Building Energy Management
Industrial Energy Management
Hotel Energy Management

Diversified home appliances drive home energy consumption to new heights. Tuya's smart energy solutions allow users to accurately monitor home power consumption, flexibly adjust the indoor temperature, and receive live safety alerts and energy reports. Through active and smart energy management, users can enjoy an energy-saving life.

Accurate power consumption
Accurate power consumption

Monitor household electricity usage and power consumption accurately with the help of energy monitoring sockets, switches, and smart on/ff controller.

Temperature adjustment
Temperature adjustment

Adjust to the most comfortable temperature automatically based on the energy-saving algorithm and preset automated scenario, such as away from home, sleep, and more.

Safety guarantee
Safety guarantee

The safety mechanism ensures the safe use of gas and energy-draining appliances. Send alerts on excessive energy consumption and close an idle gas valve.

Energy usage reports and suggestions
Energy usage reports and suggestions

Daily and monthly energy usage reports are clearly at a glance. Analyze the energy consumption to offer energy-saving advice, and also identify potential problems when possible.

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