Smart Healthcare Solution
Propel smart healthcare by AI+IoT to boost management efficiency.
The Tuya Smart Healthcare IoT Platform leverages our six-year industry experience, developed IoT product ecosystem, and powerful capabilities of the global open IoT platform. It is dedicated to building smart healthcare solutions for enterprises, and to support a smooth upgrade of the existing system. The solutions effectively reduce the burden of precision management on health systems, such as smart call and care, ward rounds, staff attendance, and home healthcare.
Solution Benefits
Multi-terminal data collection
By leveraging high concurrency and low latency technologies, instantly collect data from multiple medical devices and multiple patients, and automatically generate health reports.
Digitalization Solution
Integrate with advanced call center information systems to collect health data, and provide convenient medical asset management and admitted patients daily check-up recording solutions to improve the efficiency of medical information management.
Open Capability
A variety of health devices can be easily and smoothly integrated into existing healthcare IT systems, and IoT OpenAPIs allow backend data transferred with low costs and short development cycles.
Banking-level data security
Adopt multiple data encryption methods combined with authorization management system to ensure data security and privacy.
Solution Architecture
On the basis of diversified smart products, Tuya provides full-link PaaS capabilities from software and hardware to the cloud services. Through Tuya's open hardware connectivity capabilities, independent hardware vendors (IHV) can integrate smart devices into the healthcare systems and benefit from global multi-channel marketing promotions. Independent software vendors (ISV) and system integrators (SI) can support various healthcare scenarios and service modes through the convenient and secure platform integration to meet requirements of smart healthcare.
Diversified Hardware Product Ecosystem
Enterprises can quickly implement Tuya's smart healthcare solutions through the Tuya IoTOS, the various healthcare devices, and the different communication protocols.
Application Scenarios
Smart call
Infusion management
Home care
Mobile ward rounds
Smart call
Challenges: With improving medical technology, service qualities, such as response time and response rate at nurse station, are valued by patients and families. Solutions: Integrate the message system, notify nurses through phones, tablets, pagers, and other devices. Cover multiple scenarios such as bedsides and bathrooms. For special patients, set bedside warning. Aided with tracker and proximity alert, monitor patient movement.
Partner Recruitment
Independent Hardware Vendors
Make medical devices smart and join Tuya hardware product ecosystem.
SaaS Independent Software Vendors
Assist in implementing smart healthcare SaaS solutions, and join Tuya Solution Center to jointly serve customers in the healthcare industry.
Looking for Smart Healthcare Solutions
Provide the most suitable industry solutions for companies or institutions that demand smart healthcare solutions.
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