Smart Industry Solution
The Tuya Smart Industry IoT Platform provides small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises with integrated internet industry solutions focusing on production technology, production process management, operation and maintenance of devices, and more. The Tuya IoT marketing channel enables global product sales with a comprehensive, end-to-end ecosystem for R&D, production, and sales.
Solution Benefits
Process management
Use process management models to improve production efficiency and product quality.
AI/Big data
Get industrial-level big data collection as well as analysis and prediction based on AI algorithms. Massive and complex industrial data requires big data-based AI processing.
Automatic scheduling
The algorithm-based automatic scheduling engine is continuously optimized to fully leverage production resources. A plant can achieve central scheduling for its branch plants. It also makes it easier for a single plant to arrange its production plan.
Digital twins
Use cloud connectivity for real-time mapping and monitoring of industrial equipment. All data is collected from the real-time environment and equipment, enabling future virtual production.
Machine vision inspection
Use machine vision inspection for scenarios such as code-scanning and defect detection to replace manual inspection, greatly improving production efficiency. The system features: 1. Compatibility with a variety of cameras. 2. Quick solution planning and system customization. 3. Intelligent systems and efficient operations. 4. Powerful connectivity. 5. Distributed management services with remote control functionality.
Edge gateways
In the industrial Internet of Things, the edge gateway is indispensable. It works to: 1. Manage equipment at the network layer all at once. 2. Perform edge computing tasks and near-endpoint transactions. 3. Achieve software protection or physical power-off isolation as a secure physical firewall.
Solution Architecture
Application Scenarios
Trace production process
Mass customization
Integrated supply chain and manufacturing
Trace production process
Closely monitor and control the production process using production logs and unified management of equipment and personnel.
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