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Smart Healthcare Solution

Propel smart healthcare with IoT to boost management efficiency.
Smart Healthcare Solution
Industry Trends
Based on the 'Powered by Tuya' hardware ecosystem and the open IoT platform, Tuya smart healthcare solutions focus on medical care, sleep, health, and monitoring. The solutions provide services such as digital management of medical institutions, health care and monitoring, health data, and epidemic prevention and tracking
On the basis of diversified smart products, Tuya provides full-link PaaS capabilities from software and hardware to the cloud services. Through Tuya's open hardware connectivity capabilities, independent hardware vendors (IHV) can integrate smart devices into the healthcare systems and benefit from global multi-channel marketing promotions. Independent software vendors (ISV) and system integrators (SI) can support various healthcare scenarios and service modes through the convenient and secure platform integration to meet requirements of smart healthcare.
Meet Diverse Digitalization Requirements
Provide full-stack services that integrate hardware and software, such as smart nursing, smart medical care, and home medical care for hospitals, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical enterprises, and healthcare service providers.
Increase Business Efficiency and Service Quality
Implement the standardized management of medical process and significantly increase the service efficiency and quality.
Smart Diagnosis and Treatment
Provide smart immersive diagnosis and treatment solutions that integrate smart hardware, diagnosis and treatment, and health analysis for healthcare facilities based on human senses.
Multi-terminal Data Collection
By leveraging high concurrency and low latency technologies, instantly collect data from multiple medical devices and multiple patients, and automatically generate health reports.
Open Capability
A variety of health devices can be easily and smoothly integrated into existing healthcare IT systems, and IoT OpenAPIs allow backend data transferred with low costs and short development cycles.
Banking-level Data Security
Adopt multiple data encryption methods combined with authorization management system to ensure data security and privacy.
Application Scenarios
Smart Nursing
Smart Hospital
Community and Home Care

Tuya's IoT healthcare solutions aim to help our partners including hospitals, healthcare facilities, and pharmaceutical enterprises bring healthcare into the IoT age. Our full-stack services from hardware ecosystem to industry application enable you to improve care quality and reduce overall expenses.

Smart Bedside Care
Smart Bedside Care

Integrate bedside terminals like call bells and tablets into medical records and nursing call systems. This cloud-based centralized system helps nursing staff get real-time data and deliver precision care.

Infusion Monitoring
Infusion Monitoring

Infusion pumps equipped with Tuya's IoT modules make real-time infusion monitoring possible. Send live alerts when there is a rate change or block in the IV. Connect to nursing call systems to improve nursing efficiency and patient experience.

Mobile Ward Rounds
Mobile Ward Rounds

Physiological conditions of patients collected by mobile nursing carts can be instantly synchronized with the medical record system. This helps to quickly match patient data and generate personal health reports as per the health indicators of adults, children, and newborns.

Patient Tracking
Patient Tracking

Tuya provides wearables and bedside terminals that can connect to smart hospital systems. Provide notifications of bed exit and falling for special patients. Coupled with Bluetooth wrist-worn tracker and geofencing to timely send alerts of patients leaving the hospital without permission.

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