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AI+IoT Business Conference — TED-Style Tour Events
Japan · Online · May 20, 2021
    10:00 - 10:22
    UME Smart Home Development and Vistas for Japan's IoT Industry
    Yongzhu Jin, Senior Business Development Manager|Tuya Japan co.,ltd
    Hokuto Maeda, CTO|UME Co.,Ltd
    10:22 - 10:56
    IoT Products and Smart Life Apps in the Japan Market
    Yutaka Yasuoka, Business Director|Tuya Japan co.,ltd
    Nobuyuki Ogahara, CEO|DigitalMaker Inc.
Conference Highlights
Attended by leading IoT companies, with the opportunity to engage in dialogue with the media and industry experts on the importance of learning
Summarizes IoT trends, data, and application cases in the global and Japanese markets; provides insight into future Japanese market trends and growth space to avoid potential mistakes in the digital transformation
Presents industry cases with the interpretation of opportunities; whole solutions and no threshold aid in the understanding of business opportunities, benefit optimization, and precautions brought about by IoT
TED Topic
JST 9:00
Yongzhu Jin
Senior Business Manager
Tuya Japan co.,ltd
UME Smart Home Development and Vistas for Japan's IoT Industry
JST 9:00
Hokuto Maeda
UME Co.,Ltd
UME Smart Home Development and Vistas for Japan's IoT Industry
JST 9:22
Yutaka Yasuoka
Business Director
Tuya Japan co.,ltd
IoT Products and Smart Life Apps in the Japan Market
JST 9:22
Nobuyuki Ogahara
DigitalMaker Inc.
IoT Products and Smart Life Apps in the Japan Market
"Smart Masters" Topics
Revitalization· Building the Future of IoT Together
Jeff Immelt, Chairman of Tuya US and Tuya Global Strategic Committee
Jeff was former Chairman and CEO of General Electric for over 15 years. He was officially announced as Chairman of the Global Strategic Committee of Tuya in September 2019. Jeff has been named as one of the "World's Best CEOs" three times by Barron's.
Glocalize Intelligent Business · Everyday Smart Scenarios
Dr. Eva Na, Secretary General of AIBA, CMO of Tuya Smart
Eva has over 15 years of experience in global marketing, PR, brand strategy and strategic cooperation. She has served as management roles in large international enterprises, and accumulated rich experience in Internet, venture capital, retailing, and automotive industries.
Japan IoT Application Cases and Opportunities
Jin Jinghao, Chief Investment Officer,  Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Beijing;Director of the Japanese Branch of the Western Returned Scholars Association
Currently working at JETRO Beijing, and is in charge of assisting Chinese companies with registration in Japan and connecting Japanese companies with Chinese science and technology enterprises
Jeff Immelt
Dr. Eva Na
Jin Jinghao
Intelligent Industry
Smart Eldercare
Smart Healthcare
Smart Community
Smart Retail
Smart Industry
Smart Education
Smart Tourism
Smart Energy
Smart Agriculture
Smart Eldercare
Supported by “IoT plus” and AI technology, we are proud to present a full range of eldercare services centering on medical treatment, health, security and life-assistance.
Meet diversified needs of smart eldercare
We provide family & community-based, high-end institution eldercare products and solutions to meet diversified needs of intelligent eldercare.
Provide refined smart eldercare experience
Tapping into the Tuya AIoT platform and a comprehensive hardware ecosystem, we are capable of providing eldercare service experiences that involve both hardware and software, covering security, medical, health and life-assistance services.
Construct silver economic ecology
Tuya Smart eldercare platform and the third-party service matrix enable the rapid construction of an abundant economic ecology for value-added smart eldercare service.
Application cases
Suichang Eldercare Center, EVERBRIGHT Bailingbang Group, Bangbanglian Intelligent Technology With the support of Tuya IoT technology, Tuya Hotel PaaS platform and relevant supply chain resources, Bangbanglian Intelligent Technology has built up a comprehensive smart eldercare management service platform. Based on AI and biosensing technology, the quality and efficiency of eldercare service have been boosted on the premise of protecting the users’ privacy.
Activity Recommendation
Joint Efforts & Prosperous Growth AI + loT Business Conference --TED-Style Tour Events(Europe I Online)
A comprehensive view of the European smart home landscape: This inaugural European tour of the AI+IoT Business Conference will stop at ten countries to delve into the current situation and future of smart business in the region and analyze the development trends and direction of the smart industry as a whole.
Gain insight into the best business practices in over a dozen industries: retail, internet, energy, lighting, electrical engineering, security, home appliances, consumer electronics, telecommunications, real estate, and more. Hear from executives of dozens of leading companies and get a competitive edge. Speakers will present practical experience and share their views on the future of intelligent business.
Let the Developers Talk: Get an inside look into smart product development. Learn about dozens of smart commercial products and peak at the models behind popular products. This immersive product development experience will inspire the show.
The Largest Smart Home Market in Europe
CET 2021.04.29
Conference Organizers
Connectivity Standards Alliance, GSMA, FIWARE, EAcham, ENRICH,and more
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