Smart Elderly Care Solution
Provide care with IoT and ensure health with science and technology.
Based on the AI + IoT Platform, Tuya implements the health monitoring and caregiving solution for the elderly without consciousness disorders in different scenarios such as care institutions and homes. Monitoring and early warning of health risks can greatly reduce the impact of sudden illnesses on the elderly's life. The smart monitoring system is also the first choice for elderly care institutions.
Solution Benefits
Perfecting monitor system
Provide complete health monitoring products for the elderly, and keep an eye on their lives and health 24/7. Offer monitoring service solutions specified for scenarios like fitness, sleep, and travel, allowing the elderly to live a happy, meaningful and healthy life.
Empower elderly care industry
Apply smart elderly care solution to health care facilities, and empower brand owners to implement a full set of fundamental hardware, software, and service logic. Achieve market-oriented operations of the platform.
One-stop empowerment
Tuya provides massive open APIs to help to implement fundamental IoT capabilities and to integrate internal and external sources, such as existing solution provider, of the elderly care industry. Provide one-stop solutions from the infrastructure layer to the service layer, and efficiently empower the industry.
Full-stack infrastructure
We offer cutting-edge IoT technologies with an open and stable ecosystem involving cloud platforms, network modules, gateways, and OEM apps. Support fast, efficient, open, and flexible connection and linkage of designated elderly care devices.
Solution Architecture
The infrastructure capabilities of Tuya AI+IoT platform establishes the Tuya ecosystem allowing to integrate with health monitoring products. Make health information organized and digitalized through systematic health data collection, and assist in more efficient health consultation for the elderly.
Diversified Hardware Product Ecosystem
Tuya ecosystem provides various smart products to boost the quick implementation of smart elderly care solutions.
Application Scenarios
Home-based elderly care
Community-based elderly care
Institution-based elderly care
Home-based elderly care
Through data collection of vital signs and behaviors of the elder around the house, the family members are immediately notified of any anomalies. Long-term data tracking is performed on vital signs, and the health trend reports are provided to help both the elderly and their family members learn about health conditions.
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