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SaaS Frame
SaaS Frame is built on top of the micro application philosophy and integrated with a host of IoT SaaS features, accessible publicly or in other ways. This way, you can easily develop IoT SaaS at lower costs, with significantly shortened development cycle.
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Empower a Myriad of Industries
The SaaS Frame not only provides zero-code basic applications for configuration but also offers complete development tools for IoT industry developers, aiding them to achieve secondary development. The SaaS Frame abstracts the concept of micro-applications, enabling modular development of IoT SaaS. Additionally, the underlying framework is entirely based on Tuya's Open API for PaaS, allowing developers to use Tuya's existing range of basic capabilities without starting from scratch, greatly reducing the time it takes to develop an IoT SaaS.
Why Choose SaaS Frame
Build groundbreaking industry SaaS within about 15 minutes, backed by productive development and delivery solutions. You can deliver a generic IoT SaaS application within 15 days.
Independent secondary development
Secondary development through microapps gives developers autonomy. Applications of any technology stack such as React/Vue can be used/accessed
Support open source
The basic micro-application components we provide support open source, which greatly improves the efficiency of secondary development
Incremental Updates
Support application-specific updates to facilitate incremental maintenance of the micro application architecture after continuous iterations.
Flexible O&M Management
Private, fully-managed, and partially-managed deployment options help you configure OEM SaaS capabilities and site hosting without coding. SaaS development from scratch has never been easier.
The Best Solution for SaaS
Multi-Tenant Architecture
Multi-tenant SaaS ensures data isolation between tenants.
Custom Theme Colors
Choose between dark and light modes and customize theme colors.
Configure Menu Permissions
Grant permissions on menu buttons and interfaces as desired and in real time.
Multilingual Settings
Support 60 multilingual options, including Chinese, English, Japanese, and beyond.
Integrate with Third-Party Systems
Access single sign-on capabilities and open APIs regarding users and roles to run in tandem with third-party systems.
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Implement features such as device pairing, device control, and scene automation, and improve smart lighting settings in parking lots, classrooms, offices, and more spaces.
Device Management - Support to add devices through IoT Device Management App, to view, manage devices through web portal.
Human Detection - Through placing motion detector across hallway, staircase, and rooms to detect and auto-manage lighting system to save energy.
Scheduled Lighting - Can set customized lighting plans for work place, school campus based on application scenario.
Create all-around environmental monitoring and management systems for commercial buildings (such as offices and hotels), medical spaces, home spaces, engineering spaces, and more indoor spaces.
Environment Data Collection - Collecting environmental data such as temperature, humidity, VoC, and more air quality index information.
Heating System Automation - Integrating with human-presence detection, automatically adjust the heating system to provide the optimal experience.
Device Power-Saving Mode - Using PIR and human presence detection to automatically enter power-saving mode when no human presence.
Circuit Breaker Management System - Manage circuit breakers in bulk while the smart circuit breaks are located at various locations, such as transformer rooms .
Device Group Control - Create device group and set automation to flexibly control and manage device for energy-saving purpose.
Energy Consumption Stats - Support to calculate energy consumption based on device type, device located area, and more dimension.
Develop and Deploy, Run and Manage, Tailored to Business
Abundant Resources and Technical Support
Cloud Development
Quickly build IoT industry solutions based on Tuya's OpenAPI and product ecosystem.
IoT Core
Let you efficiently and securely connect devices to the cloud.
IoT Private Cloud
Deploy an IoT private cloud platform with exclusive computing resources and independent data storage.
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