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Smart Mini App
Build your services based on abundant miniapp capabilities, enable pairing, control, management, and scene linkage across product categories and brands, and tap into the potential of smart devices.
Get Started
Gain in User Base and Get Success
Rely on abundant components and APIs backed by a simple and efficient application development framework, and roll out innovative connections between users and services based on Tuya-enabled apps. Thus, miniapp features and native app experience can be delivered and obtained the easy way in all apps of Tuya's ecosystem.
Use Cases
Run Miniapps to Your Way of App Development
OEM apps
Bring custom miniapps to life, based on no-code app templates.
SDK-based apps
Host miniapps on your customized apps built with SDKs.
1 Developer
Let your miniapp take off easily with 1 developer
3 Days
Release your miniapp within 3 days
3 Million
Join hands with over 3 million developers worldwide
Better User Experience and Developer Experience
Maintain one codebase and deploy to iOS and Android to simplify workflows.
Updates on the Fly
Version iterations without app launches simplify lightweight updates on the fly.
Native Experience
Quick loading and smooth running create a native app experience.
MiniApp Development
Cost-effective transition lets you develop miniapps similar to web applications.
Redefine Fully-Featured Interactive Experience
End-To-End Capabilities Take Smart Scenes to the Next Level
Integrate comprehensive IoT capabilities at your easy reach and implement device control at the minimum cost.
Rapid Distribution Reduces Time to Market
Write code once and run it on all Tuya-based apps to broaden your global reach. Benefit from Tuya's ecosystem to boost your IoT business.
Wakeup from Pages with Top Views
Device list Tap the device list on the Home tab to wake up a panel miniapp and control a single device with ease.
Smart tab Tap the Smart tab in an app to trigger multi-device linkage or wake up non-device miniapps.
Rich Scenarios Can Be Realized
Energy Conservation
Monitor all-around energy consumption and costs incurred by home devices, surface a deep insight into device usage, and suggest energy-saving strategies to reduce carbon emissions
Cozy Life
Aggregate ambient metrics collected from devices, visualize changes and contrast between indoor and outdoor conditions, and set scheduled tasks to improve living habits.
Smart Protection
Bring PCs and alarm apps under visual control, complemented by a wealth of value-added services, to build smart protection into secure and satisfactory solutions.
Pet Center
Centrally manage pet details containerized on cards, and provide pet services such as healthy feeding and auxiliary features available on smart devices.
Develop and Deploy, Run and Manage, Tailored to Business
Abundant Resources and Technical Support
Effortless Transition
Transit from web page development to miniapp development with a minimum learning curve, thanks to the common frontend programming language JavaScript.
Flexible Components
Harness component-based development that relies on an easy-to-use framework within Tuya's ecosystem, and deliver desired services with a native app experience.
Smart MiniApp Tools
Embrace efficient miniapp development assisted by the dedicated Smart MiniApp Tools for PC with features like compiling, debugging, preview, and upload, and enhance interoperability between Windows and macOS.
Get Started
Start Your Development Now
Quick Start
Create a miniapp project on the Smart MiniApp Developer Platform simply with your account of the Tuya Developer Platform.
Develop Miniapp
Download and install the Smart MiniApp Tools and compile your first miniapp.
Debug Miniapp
Debug your miniapp by using a virtual or real device to meet different debugging requirements.
Test Miniapp
Use an allowlisted app account to scan the QR code or tap the test device and start testing the miniapp.
Launch Miniapp
Launch the approved miniapp and distribute it to the desired apps.
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