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Boost your development of smart mobile apps based on a full range of SDKs, dedicated for Smart Life, Commercial Lighting, Smart Community, and Smart Residence. Engage valuable users as they enjoy connection to and control of smart devices in fully-featured industry scenarios.
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Make Smart App Easy
Self-Developed App
Opt for this solution from Tuya's smart app development portfolio and enable communication between your SDK-based app and the cloud. Dive deeper with a full set of services and capabilities, for example, Custom Domain Name, SSL/TLS Certificate, Smart Life App SDK, Extension SDK, and UI BizBundle. Get the latest resources from the Tuya Developer Platform and turn your ideas into a fully-fledged app.
Accelerate Your Process to Develop a Branded Smart Mobile App
Easy Integration
Leverage sample code, demo apps, and cases to easily get started with development.
Extensive Components
Combine extension SDKs, UI BizBundles, and other components freely as your business requires.
Comprehensive Features
Take care of features covering users, devices, and scenes for you to let you focus on UI code.
Protocol Interoperability
Manage products simply on a single app, no matter what popular IoT protocols they communicate over.
Data Security Compliance
Enhance data protection in tandem with dual-channel encryption, five-layer security strategy, and world-class data and privacy compliance.
Stable Global Service
Endow your app with the global control capacity to connect more than 100 million devices and process concurrent requests from over 10 million users.
Combine a Rich Set of UI BizBundles and Extension SDKs with Basic Device Capabilities
Device Pairing UI BizBundle
Quickly integrate with Tuya's pairing service logic and UI. Guide users to pair and activate smart devices, typically over Matter, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth, or pair with QR code over GPRS and NB-IoT.
Device Control UI BizBundle
Provide the capabilities to load control panels and control most smart devices. Depend on extensive panel libraries across products and build stylish panels without additional coding.
Devices Details UI BizBundle
Make it easy for users to query and manage device info and status, monitor and switch between networks, and access FAQs and OTA updates.
Mall UI BizBundle
Provide the full UI and functionality of an in-app mall that can be integrated without further development. Thus, you can monetize mobile user traffic and deepen user loyalty at a shorter lead time.
Drive your development of mobile apps for IPCs on top of App SDK, optimize video stream processing, and put useful features within easy reach, for example, live video streaming, storage card management, detection and alerts, and PTZ control.
Smart Lock SDK
Encapsulate standard features in line with Tuya's smart lock solutions and entail password management, remote unlocking, member management, unlocking and alert records, and lock setting commands. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee locks are supported.
Sweeper SDK
Speed up your development of app functionality for robot vacuums in terms of map data transmission, cleaning records, and multi-map management. Optimize map transfer performance with a latency in milliseconds to ensure excellent map rendering in real time.
Offer Plenty of Basic Components to Drive Your Development of Smart Mobile Apps
Use Cases
Prioritize Your Need for Custom App Features and Speed up Integration with Your Existing Business
Personalized App Design
Accelerate one-of-a-kind app development based on App SDK and offer brand-new functionality tailored to your needs. Redesign the app framework and user journey, and rearrange or add key features grounded in your brand positioning and segmentation strategies to make your all-around services stand out.
Integration with Mobile Apps
Pull together the strengths and resources of mobile apps across industries, such as social communication, online education, video playback, and utilities, on top of App SDK. Provide full-featured integration into your existing app, without changing its framework.
Customer Stories
Put App SDK to Work for Unique Apps, Well Proved by 5,000+ Customers
realme Link
Join hands with this mobile app to enable remote control of all IoT products provided by realme.
Haier Smart Home
Make smart life easy and comfy for billions of homes in union with this platform.
Set the trend for a comfortable and convenient smart life along with this giant.
PlusMinus is a Tuya-enabled smart home system.
EufyHome is a mobile app that controls Eufy smart home devices from anywhere.
Live smart and live easy with this mobile app that connects Proscenic smart products.
Self-Developed Smart Life App
Opt for this solution from Tuya's smart app development portfolio and enable communication between your SDK-based app and the cloud. Dive deeper with a full set of services and capabilities, for example, Custom Domain Name, SSL/TLS Certificate, Smart Life App SDK, Extension SDK, and UI BizBundle.
Development Edition of Smart Life App SDK
Dedicated for individual development or debugging use, and not suitable for launching and other commercial purposes. The maximum number of cloud requests and registered app users is limited.
Up to 100 registered app users in total
Up to 1 million cloud requests per month
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Official Edition of Smart Life App SDK
per year,$2000 next year
Dedicated for commercial use, entailing basic SDKs, multiple extension SDKs, and all UI BizBundles. Custom domain names can be configured if your business is deployed outside mainland China.
Unlimited number of registered app users
Up to 100 million cloud requests per month
A 1-year validity period for each subscription
Custom Domain Name
Support for app launching in commercial scenarios
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Smart Life App SDK
Born for SDK-based development of mobile apps in the field of Smart Life to connect to and control smart home devices.
UI BizBundle
Use functional and UI encapsulation for complex products and scenarios to easily accomplish product and functionality development.
Extension SDK
Encapsulate sophisticated features of IPCs, robot vacuums, and smart locks, and propel your reach to vertical markets.
Device Panel
Apply a bunch of miniapp development components and capabilities, and advance your development of panel applications that feature almost native experience.
Smart MiniApp
Exploit the strengths of plentiful basic capabilities, enable pairing, control, management, and scene linkage across product categories and brands, and thus explore the potential of smart apps for smart devices.
Incorporate the official template and build your own branded app effortlessly without coding.
Get Started
Jump-Start the Development of Apps to Simplify the Connection and Control of Smart Devices and Trigger Smart Scenes as Expected
Create SDK-Based App
Create an SDK App and select the target category on Tuya Developer Platform, then set App Name, Bundle ID for iOS, Package Name for Android, and App Schema.
Download App SDK
Click the app to go to the Get SDK tab, select the desired combination of SDKs and BizBundles, and then build and download the SDK packages.
Get Started Fast
Get to know the step-by-step guidance on how to quickly integrate the SDK into your existing project and easily develop a demo app.
View Sample on GitHub
Download the SDK sample from GitHub, and get off to a quick start with basic SDK capabilities for hands-on development.
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