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Connect Sub-Devices to Gateways
Connect sub-devices to Tuya Cloud through Tuya-enabled gateways. This enables access to Tuya's all-around cloud features, local automation through gateways, and extensive device ecosystem.
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Connect Sub-Devices to Gateways
Connect sub-devices to Tuya-enabled gateways in two ways: configuration files and protocol development.
By Configuration Files
Configure data points (DPs) of sub-devices and protocol translation rules on the Tuya Developer Platform to integrate with these sub-devices.
By Protocol Development
Develop compatible sub-devices based on the sub-device integration protocols provided by Tuya.
Convenient Integration with Third-Party Devices
Connect a sub-device to a gateway simply by editing its configuration file in the cloud, without the need to modify gateway firmware.
Comprehensive Support for Device Ecosystems
Adapt a sub-device to different types of gateways after you modify its configuration file with ease.
Efficient Device Iteration
Update a sub-device just by updating its cloud-based configuration file and firmware, with no necessity to update gateway firmware.
Use Cases
By Configuration Files
Configuration files are preferred to connect sub-devices over Zigbee or Matter to gateways. Protocol development is the alternative way of integration.
By Protocol Development
Use protocol development to connect to sub-devices that use Zigbee, Matter, or LANs if configuration files are inapplicable. Use TuyaOS or MCU integration to connect to Bluetooth mesh and Bluetooth Low Energy devices.
How It Works
By Configuration Files
This integration method relies on Tuya's proprietary DP Engine, a tool applicable to IoT gateways and controllers. DP Engine can translate the data format of the DP defined by the Tuya Developer Platform into that of another IoT protocol.
By Configuration Files
By Protocol Development
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