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Cube Private Cloud
Build a secure and reliable private intelligent management platform easily with a rich hardware ecosystem, can be deployed on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, or on your own data center.
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What is Cube Private Cloud?
Cube Private Cloud is a private deployed solution adopting microservices, containers, and DevOps practices. It can be deployed either on the infrastructure of public cloud vendors such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and more, or on enterprises' data centers according to their needs. Cube helps enterprises quickly build their dedicated intelligent management platforms.
Rapidly build your own intelligent management platform with Cube Solutions
One-stop solution, from hardware integration to application development, connect both consumer-grade device to industrial-grade device, can significantly reduce R&D costs.
Cloud-agnostic, compatible with mainstream cloud providers, more flexibility in your choices.
Rich hardware ecosystem fulfilling the demand of various smart product categories to seize market opportunities.
Leads the security compliance standard , support global business operation averting potential risks.
Independent deployment with full data ownership and platform autonomy.
NYSE listed company, providing stable product technology support.
Dedicated to Build Private Intelligent Management Platform
One-stop Solution
Consistent with the Tuya public cloud solution, it provides enterprises with a complete solution including the core base, application development services, data middleware, vertical industry applications, etc. It is a one-stop solution for enterprises to build their own intelligent management platform.
Flexible deployment on public cloud vendors such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, or on your own data center, helping you to achieve full data autonomy.
Elasticity and Scalability
With K8S's container orchestration and industry-leading elastic scaling capabilities, enterprises can easily scale their computing resources as their business grows to handle surges in traffic with ease.
Robust Operations System
Built on Tuya's extensive internal best practices, cube offers a comprehensive operations management platform that simplifies operational challenges, enhances operational proficiency, and improves emergency response capabilities.
Rich Hardware Ecosystem
Support all kinds of short, medium, and long-range, wired and wireless communication protocols, support over 2800 categories of devices.
Fully open platform with mobile App SDK, OpenAPI, and Cube OS product development SDK, helping to quickly integrate the enterprise's in-house hardware and software, and develop various industry solutions.
Compatible with Cloud Vendor Suites
It can be quickly integrated with suites from mainstream cloud vendors, such as AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub, etc. through cloud plug-ins to achieve interconnection of devices between different platforms.
Global Data Security Regulatory Compliance Enforced
Dual-channel security encryption, five security policies, strict permissions control, automated intrusion detection, complete information compliance and auditing, and compliance with various data security regulations such as the European GDPR.
Connect Billions of Devices
The Cube private solution draws from Tuya's PaaS and inherits its stable connectivity capability for billions of devices.
Hardware Ecosystem
Device Connectivity in Any Way You Need
Network-Module-based Development
Cube Private Cloud is compatible with all of Tuya's network modules, whether it's short-range Zigbee, BLE, Wi-Fi, or long-range 4G or NB-IoT, enterprises can always find the proper network module to connect their devices to the cloud.
Embedded Firmware SDK Development
Enterprises can also connect devices with different embedded operating systems such as RTOS, LiteOS, Linux, Android, etc. to the Cube Private Cloud through the Cube OS embedded SDK.
Connect via Edge Gateway
For vertical industries' legacy devices with protocols such as Modbus and BACnet, enterprises can choose to bridge devices to the Cube Private Cloud through Tuya's edge gateway to interconnect traditional devices with devices.
Third-party Device Cloud Access
For enterprises with a large number of their own devices already connected, Cube Private Cloud provides Cube Link, a cloud access solution, to help enterprises smoothly connect online devices to Cube Private Cloud through MQTT protocol docking and other approaches.
WWS Devices
In addition to developing a new hardware product, companies can also choose to directly purchase Works with SmartLife (WWS) hardware products. About 2700 category of devices are supported by Cube Private Cloud, helping companies quickly expand their product lines and win market opportunities.
Cube Device Connection Platform
Cube Device Connection Platform with the built-in feature allows enterprises quickly integrate devices supported by public cloud suites such as AWS IoT Core and Azure IoT Hub through simple configuration. Manage all devices through the Cube Private Cloud to further expand the enterprise device ecosystem.
App Development
Web & Mobile Application in Your Hand
Mobile App
Cube Private Cloud provides smart home apps and industry apps for both consumer and industrial operations on demand. Enterprises can choose to generate personalized apps online with zero-code or develop custom apps based on the App SDK.
Open API
Cube Private Cloud provides the identical fully-managed OpenAPI as the Tuya Cloud Platform for higher-level customization or integration with existing systems.
Technical Architecture
Cube Private Cloud solution packs complex platforms into components, allowing enterprises to select components on-demand and scale up capabilities based on scenarios.
Version Selection
Basic Version
Smart Home Version
Vertical-Industry Version
Maximized Freedom in Application Development
Standard Things Data Model
Full-Stack Development Platform
SMART HOME scenario
Smart Home App & Voice Assistant & More
Consumer-Facing Smart Home Mobile App
Third-Party Voice Assistant Compatibility
Device-Based VAS Provides Additional Revenue Generation
Various Industry Sector
Industry Digital Transformation
Smart Industry Solution Private Deployment
Low-Code Development Framework
Application Integration Platform
Security and Compliance
Leading global security compliance standards, helping customers to quickly land in global markets and operate with peace of mind.
Use Cases
Application Scenarios
International Brand Owner Intelligent Management Platform
International brands use Cube to build privately deployed, globally available intelligent management platform that connects and sells smart products. Tuya provides a one-stop service for platform building, smart hardware product development, and customization.
Smart Home Intelligent Management Platform
Create a tailor-made intelligent management platform for smart-home solution providers, combining smart-home applications and smart hardware to bring end-users the ultimate smart home experience. Easily improve user satisfaction and achieve all-around revenue generation.
Vertical Industry Intelligent Management Platform
Helps asset-heavy industries, such as manufacturing, and freight transportation, to manage large machinery and equipment and materials stored. Instantly report equipment status to administrators to ensure faster response to equipment failures, and manage digital asset tags for goods to record the location and inventory status in real-time.
Cooperation Process
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Project Requirement
Technical team will communicate with you over detailed project requirements.
Proposal & Quotation
After thorough communication, we provide the solutions fulfilling the genuine needs of customer and provide quotations.
Confirm Cooperation
Project kick-off, contract signed, confirm solution and start development.
Customized Development & Private Cloud Deployment
Tailor-made customized hardware and software development, testing according to project requirements.
Delivery and Acceptance
Formal delivery, with training to customers' technical team and long-term support service.
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