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Powered by Tuya
Powered by Tuya (PBT) is a mark of interconnectivity across different brands and categories. Users can easily control any product featuring the PBT label with just one App.
Marketing Authorization
Break the Border Interconnect Global Intelligent Products
Diversified global brands are joining Power by Tuya product matrix to show the convenience that interconnectivity has brought to life.
Brilliant is the top lighting brand in Australia. It’s intelligent brand BrilliantSmart has covered multiple fields including lighting, electricians, home appliances, security, sensors. Its products have approached nearly 1,200 retail channels such as Aldi,Bunnings,Officework,L&E, etc.
Electro Cirkel B.V.
Electro Cirkel B.V. is a Dutch company with a history of more than half a century, whose sub-brand Calex are known as famous and influential in decorative lighting in Europe, especially in Western Europe. At present, "Powered by Tuya" products have entered nearly 1,300 stores of Action, a well-known offline European supermarket.
SMD is the largest consumer electronics brand in South Africa with more than ten product lines, seven sub-brands. Its products include mobile phones, laptops, PCs, and smart devices, selling all over regions such as Africa, North America, and Middle East.
Five Rights
Five Rights and Interests Make You Go Smooth in Global Market
Global brands have participated the "Powered by Tuya" product matrix to show the convenience brought by product interconnectivity to life.
Authoritative Official Certification
Obtain the official license to use "Powered by Tuya" logo and join the ecosystem of interconnectivity with 410,000 + smart products in the globe.
Priority in Global Exhibition
Enjoy the priority in being selected to exhibit your products in the international top-level exhibitions (CES, IFA, MWC, etc.) and the AI+IoT Business Conference.
Aggregate Marketing Links
Smart products with "Powered by Tuya" Logo Tuya hopes to achieve the true interconnection of all things. Powered by Tuya (PBT) is a mark of interconnectivity across different brands and categories. Users can easily control any product featuring the PBT label with just one App.
Enhance Multidimensional Influence
Share Tuya lighting, security, electrician, sensor, digital entertainment, health, home appliances, and other SaaS integrated resources, to achieve the penetration of its products’ influence across the industry.
Enjoy a Quick Pass to Services
Provide PBT logo users with exclusive preferential service channel, PR exclusive rights and interests, and other in-depth support including joint exhibitions, commodity display, exhibition hall VI, etc.
Request for Visit
The Smart Scenarios of Interconnectivity is within Reach
"Powered by Tuya" can be used as a logo at offline exhibition halls signifying and displaying smart products with full-scene linkage.
Tuya Exhibition Hall of Hangzhou HQ
Tuya Smart Exhibition Hall of China Headquarter, 10F, Hua’ce Center Block A, Jiangdun Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.
Showroom of Smart Home Devices of Gujia Home
Smart Home Showroom, Gujia Life 2F, 1165 Moganshan Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.
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