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Project Theseus
Project Theseus is a partner program for a developer ecosystem of open, synergized, and win-win cooperation. By becoming a Certified Developer Partner of Tuya Smart, developers can innovate and bring the business values of the Internet of Things to customers.
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On the Ship of Theseus to the Uncharted Territory
As a global Cloud Developer Platform, Tuya Smart’s mission is to build connectivity of everything in the age of digitalization. We never stop creating a neutral and open developer ecosystem, constantly upgrading our platform and building tools. We see ourselves as the Ship of Theseus, which synergizes and merges with numerous developers. Together, we unceasingly explore new IoT applications and new business models given birth by the Internet of Things. We invite you to join us on this marvelous journey to uncharted territory.
Who Should Join?
Project Theseus empowers three types of developers – hardware developers, software developers, and system integrators with technical, business, and marketing support, helping certified partners deploy IoT projects and accelerate business results.
Why Join?
You can get access to training courses and keep up with the latest products and technology releases, elevating your technical competitiveness.
You’re backed by responsive technical support and get to collaborate with Tuya Smart’s engineers to develop new IoT products and solutions that can help shape the landscape.
You can build your brand and grow influence through co-marketing events, taking full advantage of Tuya Smart’s global marketing resources.
You can get distribution opportunities and business referrals to sell your IoT products and services around the globe.
Become a Partner
Register a Tuya Account
Register an platform account and finish company registration check.
Submit for Capability Review
Fill out the application form and complete the qualification check.
Get Certified
Get certified with partner badge and join the Tuya developer ecosystem.
Join the Theseus Project and travel together to the uncharted territory.
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