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Built atop RTOS, Linux, and Non-OS, TuyaOS is a distributed and platform-agnostic IoT operating system.
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TuyaOS is based on a standardized TuyaOS Kernel and rich development components, which enables developers to be liberated from fragmented development experiences such as different chip platforms, systems, connection protocols, and application software. They can focus on their own business innovation and development, and deploy it on multiple platforms with global availability, security and compliance.
Focus on Your Business, and Leave the Rest to TuyaOS
With a standard kernel, TuyaOS is protocol- and OS-agnostic to enable extensive connectivity and development efficiency.
The plug-and-play architecture gives you the flexibility to quickly build the right architecture that works for your business.
Various application components and unified driver architecture let you focus on application development with APIs without caring about the underlying architecture.
Various Components
A wide range of components covers different IoT layers from basic services, middleware, to applications.
The efficient remote procedure call (RPC) and proprietary data point model enable communication across protocols.
Security and Compliance
The comprehensive security mechanism ensures data cannot be compromised while stored or in transit between the cloud, devices, and local network.
Layered Architecture Underpins Extensive Subsystems and Third-Party Integrations
TuyaOS adopts a layered architecture design, which shields the differences between the system and hardware, making the entire technology system have good cross-platform capabilities. At the same time, it provides business subsystems for specific development scenarios, meeting the needs of developers in different application scenarios.
Frameworks Catered to Different Types of Products
Cellular Products
The connectivity solutions for LTE Cat.1 and NB-IoT come with an array of user APIs to speed up building cellular products.
Central Control
The connectivity solutions for Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and LTE Cat.x can help you build central control products that run Android, Linux, or RTOS.
IP Cameras
The connectivity solutions for Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and LTE Cat.x can help you build IP cameras that run Android, Linux, or RTOS.
Matter Devices
The connectivity solutions can help you build a Matter device that works over Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Thread.
Networked Products
The connectivity solutions for Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE combo, and Ethernet and core features including pairing, activation, cloud services, and device control can help you build networked products for industries such as new energy, lights, home appliances, locks, and sensors.
The connectivity solutions for Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and LTE Cat.x can help you enable gateways that run Android, Linux, or RTOS to connect to sub-devices that use Zigbee, Bluetooth mesh, 433 and 868 MHz, or Z-Wave.
The connectivity solutions for Bluetooth, Zigbee, and Sub-GHz can help you build sub-devices that connect to the cloud through gateways.
Helpful Development Resources, All in One Place
Tuya Wind IDE
Tuya Wind IDE is an all-in-one IDE for TuyaOS EasyGo developers. It is provided as an extension of Visual Studio Code and logged in with a Tuya Developer Platform account. Tuya Wind IDE manages, distributes, and updates the TuyaOS EasyGo development kits, enabling a consistent development experience across hosts and programming tools.
TuyaOS EasyGo
TuyaOS EasyGo is a collective term for TuyaOS-based development kits, helping you develop IoT products with ease.
T-Series Demo Board
Tuya T-series development kit helps you get started with developing with TuyaOS.
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