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All-in-one membership to empower brands with 10-year industry experience, including app development, certification services, voice integration, data analyais and operations, etc.
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Resources Focused on Essentials
Selected from over 100 value-added services, including app development, certification, voice, data, and growth operations. We concentrate resources to support PLUS member brand growth.
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Backed by our exclusive PLUS team of operational experts, we help replicate success and continuously innovate, guiding you to industry leadership.
Scalable Growth Strategies
You can choose from four PLUS membership tiers tailored to your brand's growth needs, from entry-level to maturity. Enjoy flexible upgrades at any time.
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Developing a Branded App
Essential smart app features include automation, scene settings, and room management, etc.?
Standout & user-friendly app strategies?
Ensuring brand reliability globally?
Protecting user privacy?
App launch preparations?
OEM App|Custom App Tools|App Launch Service|Siri Access|Widget Access|Apple Watch Access | E-Manual|Scene Recommendation
Finalizing Product Development
What are popular voice platforms (e.g., Google, Amazon) and core voice control features?
Device push notifications all set up well?
Data tracking and storage ready for future analysis?
OEM Amazon Alexa Skill|OEM Google Assistant Action | Voice Access Package | Device Message Push|Device Log Storage
Preparing Certifications
Common certifications in my region?
Supermarket certification requirements (Walmart, Costco, etc.)?
Inclusion of manuals, App QR codes, and certification labels on packaging?
WWA Testing and Certification Application|WWGA Certification | Cybersecurity Certification|Matter Product Certification
Readying for Go-to-Market
Collecting consumer feedback for new product?
Tracking growth and user preferences data?
Strategies for returns and negative reviews?
Data Dashboard|Data Dashboard| App Rating Promoter|Survey Tool | Smart Customer Service
Expanding for Long-term Growth
Consumer perception of my brand, differences in product features compared to competitors?
User data support for repurchase and software revenue, and starting steps?
Optimizing after-sales efficiency and quality?
How to consistently gather market feedback for product updates and new strategies?
Data Intelligence Operation|App Mall|Smart Home Content Manage|Consumer Insights AI
Four Tiers to Choose from and Easy Upgrade
Lite Version
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Lite package to kickstart your business
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Basic Version
/ year
Achieve standard smart solutions with OEM app, voice control, and more
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Business Version
/ year
Super discount for app smart monetization solutions
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Ultimate Version
/ year
Selecting privileges as you wish
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