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LLM Solution
Delivers comprehensive AI Service and AI Copilot Development Plan for your business, and connect businesses worldwide for seamless data collaboration across various data types.
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What's LLM Solution?
The LLM solution offers fully integrated AI Service and customizable AI Copilot Development Plan, tailored to meet the commercial needs of businesses across diverse sectors such as building, real estate, healthcare, supermarket, manufactory, and beyond.
Utilize the LLM solution to craft a personalized AI Copilot tailored to your specific needs and requirements
LLM - Agnostic: Supports mainstream large language models such as Chat GPT, Claude, Llama, Gemini, PaLM, and more.
Workflow Orchestration Technology: Combines node orchestration tools with LLM to ensure output results align closely with requirements.
Repository Development: Utilizes online data, local files, custom inputs, etc., to develop text and spreadsheet knowledge bases.
Data Integration: Capable of integrating data from multiple sources, allowing usage of both system and third-party data.
Chart Development: Automatically generates modular visual charts, making it easy to integrate charts into various applications.
Interaction Framework: Lightweight online tools provide a comfortable user experience for developers with diverse backgrounds.
Comprehensive AI Service and AI Copilot Development Plan
Model Store
This feature is designed to provide the ability to manage and select from the platform's own models, tri-party open source models, and user-tuned models
Model Management
The model management module is responsible for managing the models on the platform, including the functions of adding, deleting, updating and querying models
Model Evaluation
The model evaluation module is used to evaluate and analyze the performance of the trained models
Model Deployment
The Model Deployment module is responsible for deploying the trained models to the production environment for invocation by real applications
The prompt optimization module provides the ability to optimize and tune the prompt of a large language model
Data Algorithm
Users can use this module to select and combine the algorithm components that suit their needs to build custom data processing processes
Data Management
The dataset management module provides management functions for datasets
Data Analysis
The Data Analysis Engine module provides the ability to analyze and process large-scale data
Reliable AI Service
Health Data Analysis
Interprets health metrics for informed medical decisions and improved patient outcomes.
Intelligent Detection and Early Warning
Utilizes predictive algorithms for timely risk identification and safety alerts.
Energy Efficiency Improvement
Focuses on energy consumption reduction and sustainability enhancement through technology and management.
Industry Standard Consultation
Provides expert guidance on regulatory compliance and best practices for certifications.
Equipment Maintenance and Management Optimization
Enhances equipment reliability and lifespan through preventive measures and asset management.
Inventory Management Optimization
Streamlines inventory processes for cost minimization and efficiency in order fulfillment.
Proven AI Copilot Development Plan
Build AI Copilots by workflow, it supports the visual combination of extensions, repository, code block and other features to achieve complex and stable business process orchestration, such as energy-saving planning, report analysis, etc.
Technical Architecture
LLM solution provides a comprehensive environment for building, deploying AI services, and developing AI Copilots.
Application-based Services
Data Visualization & Data Analysis
- Real-time energy data statistics in spatial cloud - Provide real-time energy data and energy management reports
Data Operation & Goal Setting
- Track carbon consumption and change trends, identify carbon emission hotspots, potential energy-saving and emission-reduction measures - Monitor and evaluate the effect to optimize the emission benefits
Device Management & Device Control
- Achieve device management and building management through spatial cloud, including HVAC, lighting, gas and water, etc - Record and improve the performance of automation scenario operation
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