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IoT Core
IoT Core provides full-lifecycle device management PaaS services, allowing you to efficiently and securely connect and manage several hundred million devices. Focus on your business applications and let IoT Core do the rest.
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IoT Made Easy with Professional Platform
Simplify Device-to-Cloud
Network modules, TuyaOS Link SDK, and edge gateways allow you to easily connect devices to the cloud, and then remotely manage and control IoT devices from the cloud.
Stable Performance
Provide a 99.9% availability and auto-scaling to support several hundred million devices and handle tens of billions of requests daily.
Nearest Deployed Regions
Tuya deploys localized data centers globally, enabling connectivity to the nearest data center for IoT devices. The device access in Europe complies with EU GDPR.
Secure and Reliable Transmission
Implement strict security measures like device certificates and one-key-per-device authentication to prevent illegal access. The TLS protocol creates secure data transmission channels.
Standard IoT Industry Device Architecture Design
Use Cases
Empowering the Landing of IoT Scenario Projects
Smart Home
Connect smart devices across protocols, such as air conditioners, robot vacuums, lights, and smart speakers, and implement device management and control on the app.
Pooling and Leasing
After users scan the QR code, commands are sent with ultra-low latency to unlock a pooling device. After the user locks and returns the device, the lease is completed.
Meter Reading
The edge gateway enables utility meters across manufacturers and protocols to be integrated into a platform, facilitating remote meter reading with one click.
Device Lifecycle Management Capabilities Opened to Developers
Device Registration
Provide APIs to get the pairing token, query the pairing list, and trigger gateway pairing.
Device Management
Provide APIs to query the device list and information, and remove devices.
Device Control
Provide APIs to get instruction sets, send control commands, and much more.
Query Device Status
Provide APIs to get the latest device status.
Customer Stories
Success Stories of Customers in Various Industries
Konka Group
Thanks to IoT Core, it has never been easier to manage the device data of the KiLink app, unleash the full potential of data mining and analytics, and thus provide users with an excellent experience.
Beijing Yidu IoT Technology Co., Ltd.
Working with Tuya, the company employs cutting-edge technologies respecting IoT, cloud computing, and big data to offer charging services for multiple business scenarios. The sites are spread all over the country, providing users with safe and convenient charging services.
Benefit from the powerful device capabilities of IoT Core and Tuya's diversified smart product ecosystem to implement automatic collection of real-time data, smart control, and comprehensive health analytics. This way, all-around health management solutions are tailored for users during postpartum recovery.
Inkbird Technology
On top of IoT Core, the INKBIRD app integrates and links with smart products such as temperature and humidity controllers and gas sensors to build an IoT-enabled home. Through direct connections with users, this app provides quick troubleshooting for users.
Run IoT Core in tandem with a bunch of industrial components available at hand, such as energy management, space management, and scene automation. Therefore, conventional gyms have become IoT-enabled with improved energy performance and labor efficiency.
DreamPlus is known as a leading office space expert in China. The company has abandoned manual control of lights, air conditioners, air detection, and resource wastes in traditional office buildings. Instead, it employs IoT Core to achieve smart management of various office devices.
Manage Development Projects with IoT Core
Effortlessly create IoT applications specially designed for your unique scenarios on top of basic device capabilities and platform tools opened by IoT Core
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