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Promote the development of artificial intelligence industry
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Strictly comply with security standards and industry requirements
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Empower you to visually customize a branded mobile App online and deliver smart device control, services, marketing operations at one place.
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What is OEM App?
OEM App is your go-to solution to build a branded mobile App and bring your smart product use, services, and marketing operations even further. You can effortlessly keep your App up-to-date, make the user experience unique, and let your brand stand out. OEM App is a one-stop shop for you to build a one-of-a-kind App online without coding. Easy-to-follow online guidelines always meet you where you are and bring your distinctive App to life without additional investment in development.
One OEM App for All
Smart Device Control Hub
Interconnect smart devices of over 2,400 categories within Tuya's ecosystem, and implement device groups, smart scenes, smart voice, and more features for smart control across platforms, such as smart speakers and watches.
Ground-Breaking Monetization Platform
Benefit from a full line of App promotional and marketing tools, and bring e-commerce, advertisement, and subscription services of interest to consumers.
Impactful and Interactive Channel
Gain first-hand insight into quality service delivery from proactive interactions and targeted surveys, and grow consumer loyalty and brand awareness.
Cost-efficient, high-quality development of branded smart apps.
Smart Control Plus
Redesign the best-in-class pairing process for extensive categories and protocols, and retrofit quick control, voice control, and multi-device scene linkage. With a rich set of smart miniApps built in, smart control is taken to the next level.
Data-Driven Operations and Monetization
Automate App operations and act on valuable data to allow for a deep dive into precision marketing campaigns and monetization initiatives, backed by App Mall and subscriptions to value-added services.
World-Class Service Security and Stability
Deploy your business across global data centers and support more than 50 languages in compliance with local security and privacy requirements.
Sophisticated App Customization
Design your App based on templates in tandem with over 50 options, and define the logo, theme styles, page features, and color themes to suit your unique needs.
No-Code, Cost-Competitive Quick Start
Visualize App configurations without coding skills and minimize the time and cost of branded App creation.
Open Framework and On-Demand Development
A full range of device panels, pages, components, and smart miniApps are generally available to accelerate your low-code programming.
Adequate features and services beyond a simple device control app.
Connect and Control Devices from App
Pair multi-category devices with protocol interoperability and in modes for the most convenience.
Provide engaging and immersive panels, and put devices under easy control with Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and other popular voice assistants.
Support electronic manuals to help users out instantly with tips and tricks online.
Simplify device sharing among home members and friends.
Automate Scene Linkage
Implement smart scenes triggered by schedules, locations, weather conditions, and other device status changes
Recommend terminal-specific smart scenes that accommodate users' habits, and unlock mind-blowing smart experience and brand-building tactics.
Embrace Game-Changing Smart MiniApps
Distribute textual and video content for purposes, such as entertaining tutorials, impressive recommendations, and shopping guides.
Visualize device energy consumption at a glance to help users make informed decisions on energy saving and emission reduction.
Keep abreast of captivating smart MiniApps on the rise.
Optimal global account systems.
Optimal global account systems.
Concurrent control by home members.
Device alerts and push notifications via SMS message, phone call, or other pre-defined methods.
FAQs and feedback for efficient troubleshooting.
Customer-Minded Services at Hand
Online Customer Service
Satisfy your needs with dedicated and responsive online customer services.
Data Analytics & Smart Operations
Informative data logs combined with visualization and analytics tools streamline precision App operations.
App Mall
Capitalize on marketing and scene content, and drive visitors to self-managed in-App stores or third-party e-commerce stores.
Differentiated VAS
Innovate business operations energized by value-added services, such as smart voice and cloud storage.
App Development
Build How You Want with Custom App Tools
Grab one for your needs from a bunch of templates, and edit its pages and features your own way. Then, get your unique App off the ground.
Match theme styles to your brand, with at least 50 options for your choice.
Drag and drop any component to where you want it, preview and tweak the result on the fly.
Build How You Want with Custom App Tools
Grab one for your needs from a bunch of templates, and edit its pages and features your own way. Then, get your unique App off the ground.
Match theme styles to your brand, with at least 50 options for your choice.
Drag and drop any component to where you want it, preview and tweak the result on the fly.
Trust Your Globalization
Configure multilingual options and adapt your App to more than 50 languages in real time.
Customize a domain name and come with more brand visibility, flexibility, and credibility.
Control and own your business data protected across global data centers and get security from the ground up.
Use Cases
Become Partner, Grow Smarter
Build Branded App with Services and Solutions Exclusive to Your Smart Goals
Smart Product Brand
Make your brand-new App live in just a few clicks, seek to gain your product consumer base, and unlock the full potential for business value.
Smart Product Vendor
Harness your versatile smart control App, and create customer value from your solutions that get software and hardware working together seamlessly.
Online/Offline Retail Distributor
Pool resources of product brands on a single smart control App, and provide convenient and consistent user experience, after-sales support, and operations services.
Smart Solution Provider
Extend an OEM App with low-code programming, and bring it to market with the least time and cost.
Cater for Your Business in Whatever Industries
Smart Life
Connect to smart devices across brands and categories and work as your smart home control hub.
Smart Travel
Provide a new experience of smart travel, with travel SaaS to achieve full-link detection and management of vehicles.
Smart Home Lighting
Provides smart home lighting user interface design. Supports interconnection of all smart devices.
Smart Community
Future community service terminal will provide multi-scenario service entrance.
Commercial Lighting
This app is used for commercial scene, support visual management of equipments with web-end.
More Industries
Build an OEM app dedicated to your brand and industry.
Dive deep into the documentation.
Create an OEM App
This topic describes how to create, configure, and launch an OEM app for Smart Home on the Tuya Developer Platform.
Get Started
Only five simple steps from building to launching without coding.
Create OEM App
Customize UI
Set Functions
Build an App
Publish in App Stores
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