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MCU Standard Protocol
The MCU SDK enables you to connect to the Tuya Cloud by interfacing an existing MCU with Tuya standard module. With a few lines of code on the MCU side, you can enable communication between devices and the cloud, allowing time to focus on application innovation.
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Standard Protocol Makes IoT Development Across Industries and Protocols Easier.
Make a device smart simply by integrating a Tuya module into your existing hardware without replacing the MCU in use.
Short Lead Time
Tuya modules, MCU SDK, and turnkey RF circuits enable a modular approach to development for a short production cycle.
Broadly Compatible
A unified communication protocol lets you apply the same module model to various product categories in fields like home appliances, door locks, healthcare, digital entertainment, industry, and agriculture.
Low-Code Dev
An MCU SDK specific to your product definition is automatically generated. Port the SDK, adapt the code, and get smart and connected.
Dedicated Debugger
The integrated debugger comes with Tuya's serial protocols to help you test the code efficiently.
Extensive Support
A wide range of modules that use Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo, Bluetooth mesh, Zigbee, NB-IoT, or LTE Cat.1 supports a variety of use cases.
How It Works
Module Debugging Assistant
The dedicated debugger is used to verify the serial communication between the MCU and the module. It supports common serial protocols for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and NB-IoT and can simulate a module to verify the logic of MCU-side code and vice versa. Its versatile and easy-to-use features make it a handy tool for developers.
Diverse Use Cases and Unified MCU SDK Architecture Let You Focus on Innovation.
Home Appliance
Make traditional major and small home appliances smart and connected. Add some novel features such as weather services and file download to stand out.
Robot Vacuum
Navigation models like random, inertial, laser, and vision can incorporate various features of robot vacuum, such as cleaning path, file upload/download, and voice prompts.
A full IoT protocol stack helps you quickly develop sensor applications for environmental monitoring, fire alarm, security, motion detection, and more.
Door Lock
Tailor a value-priced smart lock with a bunch of capabilities including low power, persistent connection, password management, image transfer, unlocking records, and alerts.
Enable light control of brightness, color temperature, and scenes. Add innovative features like music sync, schedule, biorhythm, do-not-disturb, light to sleep, and smart guard.
Develop a differentiated energy product that can feature battery management, child lock, inching switch, overcharge protection, random timing, and many more.
Development Process
Multi-Platform Create Product
Maintain one codebase and deploy to iOS and Android to simplify workflows.Select a product category, choose a protocol, and define functions.
Select Panel
Select and configure an app panel that fits into your business.
Select Module
Select a network module based on its packaging, size, specifications, protocol compatibility, and antenna type.
Build MCU Software
Port the generated MCU SDK to your project and adapt the code to your needs.
Test and Production
Test the software and hardware with the serial debugger and automated test tool.
Get Started
Maintain one codebase and deploy to iOS and Android to simplify workflows.Make your product smart with MCU SDK right now.
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