Smart Agriculture Solution
Implement precision agriculture for healthy and rapid development.
The Tuya Smart Agriculture IoT PaaS dedicates to providing smart solutions for efficient agricultural systems. The presence of sensors, AI machine vision, and data analytics has opened up new opportunities for precision agriculture and smart farming management. Tuya provides wireless sensors to gather environmental metrics such as temperature, humidity, photosynthetically active radiation, rainfall, and CO₂ concentration. The structured data and the use of AI algorithms benefit crop analysis and contribute to the production efficiency and quality of yields.
Solution Benefits
Fast integration
With the powerful integration capabilities of Tuya IoTOS, sensors can be easily and smoothly connected to the Tuya IoT platform at a low cost.
Edge gateway 
Easily connect agricultural devices with the edge computing gateway achieving local device management without interaction with cloud. By publishing data to the cloud through edge computing gateways, cellular network traffic costs and latency are drastically reduced.
One-stop solution
Providing massive open APIs allows enterprises to combine internal and external resources of the agriculture industry and quickly construct integrated systems. Create one-stop technical services from the connection layer to the service layer, and empower the full cycle from product development to implementation.
Full-stack infrastructure
We offer cutting-edge IoT infrastructure with an open ecosystem including cloud platforms, network modules, gateways, and All-in-One App or OEM App. Support fast, efficient, and flexible integration and linkage of designated agricultural devices.
Solution Architecture
With the underlying technologies of Tuya's AI+IoT ecosystem, the agricultural data collected by smart wireless sensors are continuously pushing to the cloud and processed to implement precision agriculture.
Diversified Hardware Product Ecosystem
The Tuya IoTOS covers major agricultural device categories and communication protocols allowing enterprises quickly integrate with Tuya's smart agriculture solutions.
Application Scenarios
Smart irrigation
Soil status
Smart greenhouse
Smart irrigation
Improves irrigation efficiency and reduce water waste. Conserves water resources by deploying sustainable and efficient irrigation systems. The IoT devices measure parameters such as air humidity, soil humidity, temperature, and solar radiation to calculate the precise amount of water required.
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