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Various perfected and cost-effective solutions quickly build your smart products.
Tuya Mall
Set your customers up for success with a full-service e-commerce platform.
What is Tuya Mall?
The Tuya Mall is a one-stop solution for OEM app users looking to enter the era of mobile e-commerce. It provides product management, order processing, after-sales services, and easy customization.The Tuya Mall allows you to: monetize mobile traffic, generate a branded mobile e-commerce platform and acquire customers quickly. Open up the entire "supplier–distributor–consumer" supply chain and integrate online markets with offline markets. Analyze e-commerce traffic to optimize sales and marketing.
Empower IoT Vertical Industries
The Tuya Mall provides in-app professional e-commerce solutions for smart retailers, smart hotels, smart communities, smart apartments, smart elderly care, and other industries, helping enterprises quickly enter the era of mobile e-commerce.
Connect Users, Devices, and the Platform
Every time a new device connects to the app, it enriches your e-commerce intel, allowing you to dig into user conversion, activation, retention, and loyalty for actionable sales and marketing insights.
Use the Advantage of Full Functionality
From order management to reporting to shipping templates, unlock the full value of an e-commerce platform to build recurring revenue and customer loyalty.
All-round Services
24/7 customer service provides professional guidance and support; A strong R&D team creates a safe, stable, and reliable system; Video training and case information enhance operation ability.
Global Sales and Marketing
Localized support provided for 100+ countries and regions.
Multi-channel Payment
Quick integration of mainstream payment methods and thorough reconciliation help you manage every penny you have earned.
Build Your Mall with Ease
Quickly open your own store with modular design tools that help you quickly build a customized digital storefront.
Data Analysis
Multi-dimensional, all-round store performance analysis and insight into purchasing patterns.
Empower Your Marketing Efforts
An array of marketing plug-ins helps boost your sales.
Cost-free Development
Automatic updates of new functions deliver a smoother user experience.
Open Capabilities
The SDK supports connection with third-party platforms to satisfy mall customization needs.
Smart Scenario Recommendation
Featured smart scenarios can be recommended through the app. If the user does not have a device required for a scenario to work, a prompt to purchase that device in the mall with one click appears. These "scenario supermarkets" enhance sales conversion by showing users what's possible if they have all the devices in the scenario.
Mall Skin, Product Import, Online Customer Service, Social Media Integration, Multi-level Distribution, After-sales Transaction, Report Export
OEM App Store (China)1 months: Free (first-time setup), 6 months: USD $750, 1 year: USD $1,500
OEM App Store (International)1 months: Free (first-time setup), 6 months: USD $750, 1 year: USD $1,500
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