Smart Life App SDK
Smart Life App SDK
Sufficient well-engineered components and code samples are provided to accelerate mobile app building and implement connection and control of smart devices.
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Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY)
12 Month(s)
Purchase Notes: You will subscribe to Self-Developed Smart Life App and be granted access to respective resources on the Tuya IoT Development Platform for one year. For example, you will be entitled to App SDK updates, app development and configuration services, and app data-driven marketing operation services. After the subscription expires, the App SDK updates and respective app services on the Tuya IoT Development Platform will be unavailable. However, your SDK-based apps can still run as normal. The latest SDK version available to these apps is the last one released prior to the expiration.
What is Self-Developed Smart Life App?
Self-Developed Smart Life App (Self-Developed App) is one of Tuya's IoT app development solutions. You are entitled to a full range of development services and capabilities, including cloud connection services, Custom Domain Name and SSL/TLS Certificate, Extension SDK, UI BizBundle, and core capabilities of the Smart Life app. Go to the Tuya IoT Development Platform, download up-to-date App SDK resources, and manage apps in the OEM App module.
Self - Developed Smart Life App
Development Edition
Recommended for small-scale development and debugging only, not suitable for large-scale purposes Up to 100 registered app users Smart Life App SDK: up to 100,000 calls per month Custom Domain Name not supported Extension SDKs partially supported UI BizBundles for debugging use partially supported Free trial
Self - Developed Smart Life App
Official Edition
Designed for large-scale commercial use Unlimited number of registered app users Smart Life App SDK: up to 100 million calls per month Custom Domain Name dedicated for your brand Four Extension SDKs fully supported UI BizBundles fully supported Annual fee
How to choose between Self-Developed Smart Life App and OEM Smart Life App?
Targeted Customers of Self-Developed Smart Life App
Brand owners who want to integrate IoT capabilities into existing branded apps, or independent software vendors (ISVs) who want to integrate with App SDK resources and develop mobile apps for sales.
Targeted Customers of OEM App
Brand owners who want to quickly build an IoT mobile app and engage in the market, or brand owners and integrators without R&D capabilities.
What are the offerings for App SDK combined with IoT Core?
Resource packages offered in App SDK do not apply to API calls in cloud development.
IoT Core Standard Edition and Premium Edition
Self-Developed Smart Life App is purchased without special offers.
IoT Core Ultimate Edition and Corporate Edition
Cloud resource packages offered in IoT Core apply to cloud API calls with App SDK. However, Custom Domain Name is not supported.