Smart Real Estate Solution
Cater for the real estate smart upgrades to create new business values.
Tuya provides AI+IoT solutions for real estate enterprises and partners. The diversified Powered by Tuya ecosystem addresses needs for interconnection and interoperability across smart devices, and achieve full-link management of development, delivery, operation and maintenance, with reduced costs and increased efficiency. From pre- and post-installation to indoor and outdoor installation, the data collection and analyzation can meet the increasing demand for smart upgrades and create new business values.
Solution Benefits
Products and applications
Numerous 200,000 Powered by Tuya products, such as in-wall control panels, home security systems, and home care products, can be controlled by mainstream smart speakers worldwide. Support more than 100 scenario automation by pre- and post-installed indoor and outdoor devices.
Full-stack IoT capabilities 
We offer cutting-edge IoT technologies with an open and reliable ecosystem including cloud platforms, network modules, gateways, and OEM apps. Support fast, efficient, open, and flexible integration and linkage of designated real estate devices.
One-stop total solution
Provide rich and open APIs, and combine internal and external capabilities of the real estate industry. Enterprises can form an integrated system, create one-stop technical services from the devices connection layer to the service layer, and empower the project implementation.
Industry ecosystem supported
One-stop services and integration capabilities are the keys to implement products practically and reliably. Tuya and ecosystem partners support real estate enterprises in achieving smart products and scenarios by providing competitive smart home and smart community products.
Solution Architecture
Tuya underlying AI+IoT technical architecture has established Tuya's ecosystem capabilities. The average processing time in the cloud does not exceed 10 ms, and its stability, security, and scalability have been fully proved. The open architecture and systems address the needs for smart upgrades in the real estate industry, and support independent software vendor (ISV) to quickly formulate solutions at low costs, and serve real estate companies, system integrators (SI), ISV, and more.
Diversified Hardware Product Ecosystem
Enterprises can quickly implement Tuya's smart real estate solutions through the Tuya IoTOS, the various healthcare devices, and the different communication protocols.
Smart Real Estate Comprehensive Solutions
Smart community system
Smart construction system
Green real estate project
Environment monitoring and improvement
Security monitoring upgrades
Data visualization
Smart community system
Provide smart community services such as traffic management, integrated access control system, falling objects monitoring, property management personnel support, and community recreation management. Property management enterprises implement smart management and control, and improve the owners' satisfaction and happiness.
Partner Recruitment
Independent Hardware Vendors
Make real estate devices smart and join Tuya hardware product ecosystem.
SaaS Independent Software Vendors
Assist in implementing smart real estate SaaS solutions, and join Tuya Solution Center to jointly serve customers in the real estate industry.
Looking for Smart Real Estate Solutions
Provide the most suitable industry solutions for companies or institutions that demand smart real estate solutions.
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With our customers, we are building a smart future together.
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