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Technologies Turned into Solutions with Great User Experience


For more than 30 years, ELSYS has offered different business lines: security products, TV products, telephony, internet products, etc. in Brazil. With the help of Tuya IoT Platform, ELSYS has developed a lineup of smart devices and solutions for home security with a user-friendly app, which helps consolidate ELSYS as the second-largest smart lock player in Brazil.


Company Profile

ELSYS, a Brazilian technology company with more than 30 years of experience, operates in Latin America with different business lines integrating for smart residential or business environments: TV products, from terrestrial receiver to streaming devices, security products, telephony, and internet products, solar energy solutions, etc. Among strategic partnerships of utmost importance is with the SKY - the market leader in DTH Pay TV, which belongs to the largest telecom group in the world, AT&T; and with HughesNet, a leading company in the field of network services and satellite communication technology in the world.

Request for Change

Technology has always been the core of ELSYS. They have always been keen on grasping the market pulse and looking for new value-adds for their customers. When IoT is becoming a reality in Brazil, ELSYS is assured to adopt this technology in their resolution.

When their partners shared about the Tuya platform and its practices, ELSYS saw a valuable opportunity right away. On this versatile and reliable platform, ELSYS believed that traditional product development could now be easy and agile, smart devices could be interconnected to form their own ecosystem, and a friendly user experience for Smart Home and Home Security solutions was just one App away. So ELSYS decided to partner with Tuya Smart, assured that the agility and flexibility of the Tuya IoT platform could help them meet the current needs of the market.

Challenge and Solution

To make a product smart, the first problem ELSYS needs to tackle was communication protocol. Tuya's platform hardware solution made it possible to embed, on ELSYS products, the direct connection to a cloud-computing platform and to vastly reduce mass production time, which was a groundbreaking practice in Brazil. A perfect use case is ELSYS Wi-Fi smart door lock.

Besides, what has driven ELSYS to choose the Tuya platform as a long-term business partner is the high quality of OEM solutions combined with the level of granularity offered in customizations.

The OEM application, for example, offers an agile way to develop and launch products, and the cloud development platform allows the creation of exclusive features and services that add pleasure to the user experience.

Success and Next Steps

One of the most successful examples is ELSYS Smart Alarm. It has not only a friendly and customized interface from an OEM App, but through the cloud development tools, it also offers customers a remote monitoring service provided by another specialized monitoring company.

Also, data insights from the Tuya platform such as device statistics, App registers, are helping adjust strategies and new solutions efficiently and in line. ELSYS manages to provide their customers with added pleasure, which is well received and helps consolidate ELSYS as the second-largest smart lock player in Brazil, present today in the largest retailers in the segment.

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