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A Mexican Household Name Turned Leading Smart Brand


Founded in 1962, Taurus is a home appliances household name in Mexico. Using Tuya Smart’s IoT Wi-Fi Modules, Taurus has successfully developed smart product lineups and take them to the market quickly; using App SDKS, Taurus has created a user-friendly app, which is well-received by its customers. Now Taurus has turned into a leading smart brand in local market.


Company Profile

Based in Mexico, Taurus is a leading smart brand of the Taurus group founded in 1962 and has a presence in every continent. It has an extensive network of distributors that enable it to operate in more than 80 countries.

Taurus has always been focused on giving customers various smart products at competitive prices. It has developed 3 main lines of products: Kitchen, Home, and Personal Care. The company now has a total of 150+ products to address customer needs. They have also successfully expanded their customer base through many partners including Walmart, Amazon, and WAM.

Request for Change

The smart home industry in Mexico was at its initial stage when Taurus decided to make a move. After researching foreign markets, Taurus found out that remote control of devices was becoming a trending feature for apps and it saw an opportunity. Taurus was looking for a partner, whose IoT solutions and a robust SDK could be incorporated into their existing app, to give their customers stable and reliable remote control over products at a competitive price.

It was at the Berlin Fair 2019 that Taurus knew about Tuya Smart and its one-stop IoT PaaS-level solution with powerful SDKs. After thorough research, Tuya Smart's solutions turned out to be the best match for their plan.

Challenge and Solution

Before the cooperation, Taurus was using Bluetooth to connect their products. They needed to develop a protocol almost for each unique product, and the testing was hard due to the many smartphone models out there, meaning the experience wasn't the same for all users.

Taurus has benefited from Tuya Smart's solutions through the whole process to take a new product to the market. By using Tuya Smart's IoT Wi-Fi Modules, Taurus has reduced the time needed to make an MVP, and by using Tuya Smart's App SDKs, it has improved their app in a short period of time. The iteration of ideas has been shortened due to the broad features Tuya Smart's solutions already have, which contributed to a more user-friendly app.

Success and The Next Steps

One of the most successful projects is Magnüs. By collaborating with Tuya Smart, Taurus has managed to shorten the developing time from 3 years to less than 1 year, and Taurus expects to reach a volume of 10,000 customers with this product in his first year of life, in both domestic and foreign markets.

At the moment, Taurus is creating new experiences in the cooking scenario and fan spaces involving user presence awareness and proactive comfort setups.

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