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Provide personalized smart home solutions to achieve steady enterprise growth.


Konyks is a cutting-edge technology company in France. With its keen market sense, efficient execution, and bold investment and innovation in the field of AI+IoT, Konyks is regarded as a rising star by French technology critics.


Case Introduction: Tuya Smart empowers Konyks with personalized smart home solutions. After launching Konyks’ smart products the company has achieved steady performance growth. In the next six months, the smart products will enter more than 300 French offline stores.

Core Requirement of Konyks

Konyks is committed to providing personalized smart home solutions with a series of requirements: - Renew product categories: upgrading from traditional products to intelligent transformation in fields including electrical, lighting, sensors, and security. - App and voice control through speakers, scene-based automation, and other functions will be developed to satisfy the target market. - Strict product quality, control, and performance improvement. - Exceptional after-sales support.

Why Choose Tuya Smart?

Tuya provides efficient smart product solutions, high-speed global cloud services as well as financial-level information security technology to protect users’ privacy.

Through close cooperation with Tuya, Konyks’ newly released smart socket, smart switch, and a number of smart lighting products have realized three major functions: automation, app control, and voice interaction.

These products conform to ergonomics in function and design, and are extremely convenient to use; users can interact with the smart speaker through the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, as well as through a mobile app released by Konyks for remote control. Even in the absence of users, smart appliances would function in the way they were previously set, to provide the consumers with a comfortable environment of living.

The smart program developed jointly by Tuya and Konyks can help users connect an intelligent device in a few seconds without any technical barriers.


Tuya helps Konyks realize smart device interconnectivity through the provision of mature smart solutions with a high-speed and stable global cloud service to:

  • Assist customers with their customized function settings in accordance with the local research, and recommend diversified types of products for occupation of the market.
  • Optimize the UI interface, maintain and upgrade the voice service, customize and improve the app to enhance the end-user experience.
  • Expand the use cases of the current product line, optimize customer experience, and increase user loyalty.
  • Send updates to keep up with new products’ trial production, to audit the circuit schematic/PCB layout, and to ensure the quality and safety of the products.
  • Set up a special manager to follow up and report feedback from end-consumers in the local market in a timely manner.


Tuya helps Konyks with assistance in providing personalized smart home solutions. After the release of the smart products, Konyks has realized stable growth in its performance. In the next six months, its smart products will enter more than 300 French offline stores.

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