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Building a new IoT retail channel with lower prices, IoT-enabled products, and enhanced experience.


LIDL is the top chain supermarket company in Europe, headquartered in Germany. It owns more than 11,200 stores and 39 logistics centers covering more than 20 countries around the globe, and employs 315,000 people. LIDL products cover a wide range of categories including smart home, health technology, household appliances, kitchen appliances, hardware, fashion, etc.


Case Introduction:LIDL works on Tuya’s intelligent IoT Platform to rapidly upgrade basic equipment including lighting, electrical, sensors, etc. It also empowers smart home energy savings, digital security, health, and family entertainment, with its brands LIVARNOLUX and SILVERCREST launching several smart products.

Business Story

In the promotion of global intelligence, LIDL also participates in the smart upgrading of products. LIDL produces a wide range of products, covering categories including households, health, hardware, fashion as well as others. Meanwhile LIDL has carved out space in the development of intelligent products and found a great need for simple but efficient solutions.


Why Choose Tuya Smart?

  • Tuya Smart IoT Development Platform helps LIDL quickly and intelligently upgrade lighting, electrical, sensors, and other basic equipment.
  • With the help of Tuya’s strong capability to build smart products and access to their comprehensive industrial ecosystem, LIDL aims to produce a full series of smart home products, providing a great consumer experience.


LIDL uses Tuya’s ZS3L, ZLC5, ZS2S as the hardware core and the IoTOS that Tuya produces in the Zigbee range as the software core OS. It also applies the Zigbee 3.0 standard application framework set by Tuya as the application core in the progress of development. With only a small amount of code, a complex product application is realized.

IoTOS for Zigbee

The core framework is as follow:



  • With the help of the Tuya intelligent IoT Development Platform, LIDL developers completed the development and launch of lighting, electrical, and sensors quickly, while at the same time completing the Zigbee 3.0 certification of all products with the Zigbee Alliance.
  • LIDL has now formed a series of smart products and solutions for smart homes. The series of products have been sold in major malls in Europe and the US, with at least 100,000 consumers experiencing the smart products provided by Tuya’s Developer Platform.
  • Tuya’s open API offers wide compatibility and can be used with Google Assistant as well as other international mainstream intelligent products.
  • Some certified products on the official website of the Zigbee Alliance are as follows:


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