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Business scenario landing of smart home devices.


Siemens AG is a leading technology company around the world, which has committed to the development of excellent engineering technology, technology innovation, product quality, service reliability, and service localization in the electrification, automation and digitalization fields for more than 170 years.

As one of the largest efficient energy and resource-saving technology companies, Siemens is a leader in efficient power generation and power transmission solutions, infrastructure solutions, industrial automation, software solutions.


Business story

The major characteristic of smart home industry is the need for cross-border and cross-category product connectivity. Tuya Smart provides a mature IoT solution for smart home brands, and solves the unification of industry standards to a certain extent.

Why choose Tuya

  • The Siemens SeiAir series products are connected to Tuya Smart ecology to realize the ability of linkage with equipment of other manufacturers.

  • The Siemens smart lock C3 line of products can be connected with hardware and software that are powered by Tuya.

  • The Siemens smart home system is interconnected with Tuya smart gateway to provide smart home solution.

Taking the Siemens airquality detector SeiAir (or Xirui) as an example, through the Tuya IoT development platform, the airconditioning and air purification equipment of SeiAir and other manufacturers are connected to achieve smarter scenes. By collaborating with Tuya, SeiAir becomes the core of home air quality management system.

The product series of Siemens SeiAir play a linkage role in the smart home scene. On the other hand, it can also meet the increasingly diversified product needs of Siemens users. Thus to jointly create high-quality smart home solution for customers and provide solutions to drive the rapid growth of smart home market.


  • Tuya provides technical support for smart devices of Softbank, Lenovo, Samsung, Midea, TCL, Aux, Haier, Gree, Skyworth, and other major brands across the globe, and realizes interconnection through powered by Tuya strategy. If Siemens products are connected to Tuya ecosystem, they can directly interact with products of other providers.

  • Tuya integrates the features of door lock products, creates a safe and reliable Wi-Fi MCU SDK connection scheme, encapsulates the data reported and issued codes, and provides API functions. Siemens developers only need to call API functions to complete the application development of MCU part, and then they can connect door lock products to Tuya ecosystem.

  • The standard Zigbee 3.0 protocol is applied to Tuya smart gateway. According to the ManufactureName and Modelldentifier (the device identifier in Zigbee standard protocol) reported by Siemens equipment, the Tuya smart gateway can determine the manufacturer information, match and send it to the cloud for activation and authorization, and then Siemens users can manage and control Siemens equipment via Tuya App.



SeiAir is now popular in the market, and its products are widely recognized by consumers. See the following picture of SeiAir product.


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