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The no-code development of smart products is a powerful booster to seize market opportunities.


Founded in 2015 in Los Angeles, SonicGrace is dedicated to designing and making smart home products with local brands such as Eco4life in the North American and European markets. It has launched cameras, pet feeders, cloud frames, various electrical products, and lighting products.


Abstract: With the help of Tuya's smart hardware development platform, SonicGrace can quickly launch an intelligently updated webcam product.

Business story

SonicGrace is dedicated to designing and making smart home products. Its products are easy to set up, easy to use, easy to expand, no messy wires, with high affordability.


In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out in the world. Many companies urgently demand home office essentials. Regarding video conferencing, many employees' desktop computers do not come equipped with web cameras and need external hot-swappable cameras. Soon, the USB webcams on the market are sold out.

SonicGrace has quickly adjusted its product line and worked with Tuya Smart to expand its webcam inventory. The no-code PCBA provided by Tuya Smart presets good UVC communication capabilities at the hardware and firmware design, allowing SonicGrace to quickly complete product adjustments and updates. Its featured brand Eco4life has solved the market demand in a short period and has become popular with users.

Why choose Tuya Smart

SonicGrace has a very deep partnership with Tuya Smart. During the long-term cooperation, Tuya Smart provides SonicGrace with cutting-edge IoT development methods and platform products. By accurately tracking market trends and user needs, SonicGrace can quickly adopt Tuya Smart's AI+IoT technology for product development, test, certification, mass production, and sales.


  • Smart hardware development:

    • Tuya Smart provides no-code solutions for smart cameras. SonicGrace directly gets the corresponding PCBA and firmware on the Tuya IoT Platform and designs the product structure accordingly.
    • If the existing PCBA doesn't apply to a smart product, SonicGrace can redesign the hardware schematic diagram with a simple configuration on the firmware to complete product development. SonicGrace can release the updated firmware within a week. Even if the Wi-Fi cameras are already distributed, end users can safely update it through a local SD card, transforming the original hardware into a webcam with the USB port for audio and video transmission.
    • Using Tuya Smart's full set of production test services, SonicGrace can fully control the quality of smart products before mass production.
  • App development: Through Tuya's no-code app solutions, SonicGrace can design client apps and UI panels in the shortest time.

  • Voice control: Tuya provides Works with Alexa (WWA) fast authentication service to quickly integrate with Amazon Alexa. As a result, the voice control function of SonicGrace's smart products is effectively guaranteed in terms of reliability, responsiveness, and consumer experience, to quickly create users' loyalty.


SonicGrace has launched the Eco4life Wi-Fi smart camera after simple circuit transformation and structural design at the hardware level, and simple configuration of volume and on-screen display (OSD) watermark at the software level. The camera has functions such as 1080P HD video, motion detection alert, anomaly sound alert, manual vertical adjustment, and automatic day and night switching.

At present, Eco4life Wi-Fi smart cameras have been sold on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.


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