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YEEUU Smart Lock

March into the blue ocean market of smart lock with the concept of hidden high tech.
Developer Stories
YEEUU Smart Lock

YEEUU Smart Lock

Hangzhou YEEUU Science and Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the design, R&D, production and sale of smart locks in the international market. By adhering to the value concept of hidden high tech, YEEUU brand aims to connect users with homes, and provide consumers with simple and easy-to-use smart locks.


Business story

YEEUU Science and Technology provides service for customers from all over the world, and Tuya Smart is a global AIoT platform. Both parties can complement each other well. Tuya Smart offers diversified solutions of smart locks in the full process, including cloud, management client and device. Therefore, YEEUU can achieve smart products and expand quickly at a low cost.

Why choose Tuya Smart

Tuya smart lock solution has helped YEEUU to establish infrastructures such as cloud, module and app, and complete product R&D and manufacture quickly.

Meanwhile, Tuya ecosystem has connected to numerous products in the world. As an entry-level smart product, a smart lock interacts with devices in Tuya ecosystem. Tuya has accumulated rich experience in global market, and Tuya apartment SaaS system has developed for many years, which help YEEUU to explore the smart lock market.


  • Hardware solution of YEEUU Bluetooth lock project is to use the SDK of Nordic chip platform, and call APIs to achieve network configuration and data transmission. YEEUU R&D personnel can pay more attention to functions of the smart locks.

  • Through IoT development platform of Tuya Smart, YEEUU creates, packs and releases its app online. Consumers can search and download YEEUU App in App Store and Google Play. After smart devices and products are connected to Tuya ecosystem, consumers can configure automation and scenario linkage settings on YEEUU App, in order to connect to vast smart devices throughout the world.

  • YEEUU Bluetooth apartment lock seamlessly integrates with industrial SaaS systems of Tuya apartment, hotel, and smart home. Thus, YEEUU Bluetooth apartment lock is recommended by these SaaS solutions.



YEEUU products have been listed on TuyaGo platform, and recommended to more and more buyers of smart finished products. YEEUU’s customers have highly recognized the products. According to the user survey results, customers want to use or distribute these products.

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