Tuya Smart was founded by pioneers in the cloud and application development spaces who saw a huge opportunity in the rapidly growing smart device market. Our leaders come from many parts of the world but share the same foundational beliefs: that innovation, hard work, and thinking outside of the box are the keys to creating a successful organization, and that an open IoT platform has the power to change the world.
Global Strategic Committee
Jeff Immelt
Chairman of Tuya U.S.HQ
Jeff served as GE’s CEO for 16 years. He has been named as one of the "Worlds Best CEOs" three times by Barrons.
Jerry Wang
Founder and CEO of Tuya
Jerry served in Alibaba and launched innovative projects including cloud computing and O2O in the company. He founded PHPWind and Tuya Smart. In 2012, he was listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 in China.
Scott Sandell
Managing General Partner, NEA
Scott Sandell has led investments in many industry-transforming technology companies to NEA’s becoming one of the world’s largest venture capital firms. He also involved with the National Venture Capital Association.
Carmen Chang
Chairman and Head of Asia, NEA
Carmen was a partner at a major Silicon Valley law firm, where she specialized in corporate law and securities law. Carmen is an affiliate of the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University.
Jérôme Chevalier
Partner, Co-founder of Quadrille Capital
Jérôme has 33 years of experience in transactions and investments in technology and energy and has executed over 150 private equity transactions. He sat on the investment committee for their global fund of funds programs.
Tuya Executive Team
Fritz Werder
General Manager, North America
Fritz brings deep knowledge of smart home devices and many years of IoT industry experience, including leading the development of sales channels, key customers, products and brands. He spent over 17 years at Legrand, including general management for their Home Systems product lines.
Andrew Howard
Head of Business Development, North America
Andrew served as the sales director of many Global 500 companies, where he led many million-dollar businesses of first-tier brands. He has excellent skills to establish a good relationship with customers.
Ann Marie Olivo-Shaw
Marketing Director, North America
Ann leads North American marketing efforts for Tuya. She recently served as the Marketing Director for the Zigbee Alliance where she brought IoT solutions to market with dozens of the world’s leading companies. She is experienced in media relations, customer acquisition and retention, and events. Ann also holds a PhD in Linguistics from Rice University.
Leo Chen
Founder and Chairman
Leo co-founded PHPWind, and it was acquired by Alibaba. He served as several important roles in Alibaba such as the operation director of Alibaba Cloud and the co-founder of the Taobao Mobile O2O project.
Sven Buschmann
Head of Business Development, Europe
Sven has more than 22 years of international trade and industry experience in various categories such as electricity, lighting and small household appliances. He worked for leading German companies such as Metro AG and Hama GmbH. Based on his experience, he will support new partners in successfully implementing their IoT strategies.
Julia Söns
Marketing Director, Europe
Julia leads European marketing efforts for Tuya. Most recently, as Marketing Communication Manager, she built up the European marketing for Ecovacs Robotics, realised 360° brand and product launch campaigns, initiated and implemented partner cooperations, and thereby successfully promoted brand growth. Her strengths lie in holistic brand communication and branding including press relations, events and digital marketing.
Alex Yang
Co-Founder and COO
Alex has many years of experience on marketing and operation. He joined Alibaba in 2011 and was responsible for marketing, distribution channels and operation for projects such as Cloud E-commerce, Cloud OS and Taodiandian.
Luckin Zhou
Co-Founder and CTO
Luckin served in PHPWind and Alibaba prior to Tuya Smart. He has over 10 years of experience on infrastructure development. He manages the technology team and designs the technology architecture for Tuya Smart.
Jessie Liu
Senior Vice President and CFO
Jessie served as Executive Director of UBS Investment Bank and the board member of international public listed companies. She has led many pre-IPO fund raising, IPO and M&A transactions, total value over USD10bn.
Tom Joseph
President, India
Tom has over 25 years of experience in the home appliance industry. He has management and leadership experience in large transnational public listed companies.
Anant Kochhar
Head of Business Development, India
Anant has over 12 years of experience in large & small appliances companies. He has worked with global brands like LG and Philips, etc. and has the skills and qualities to develop new business across different product categories.
Nitesh C Vasant
Head of Technical & IT, India
Nitesh has over 20 years of experience in the technical field. He has led many innovations in the telecom and lighting industry and is determined to lead the changes in the Indian IoT space with Tuya.
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