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Tuya Announces the Online AI+IoT Business Conference With the Participation of Industry Leaders From 30 Countries


All-Online Conference to Feature Global IoT Thought Leaders from Google Assistant, Bluetooth SIG, Lenovo, Indiegogo, and Calex to Discuss Major IoT Trends and Insights

April 29th, 2020, SANTA CLARA, Calif.—Tuya Smart, the world’s leading AI+IoT platform, today announced the fifth AI+IoT Business Conference 2020 Spring Online Edition, which will bring together AI+IoT thought leaders in lighting, security, home appliances, AI, clouding computing, and big data from around the globe for networking and in-depth discussions around smart technology and the state of IoT.

Tuya 2020 AI+IoT Business ConferenceTuya 2020 AI+IoT Business Conference

The conference aims to accelerate AIoT smart business growth and innovation by gathering AIoT experts for insights and case studies. Executives from various backgrounds and verticals will be contributing their first-hand knowledge to forge an open and welcoming IoT ecosystem and facilitate the healthy and sustainable smart industry growth for all types of businesses.

The conference will also address high-level strategies and best practices, from a global business perspective, for dealing with the challenges presented by COVID-19.

The conference, which is co-sponsored by the AI Business Alliance, is themed “IGNITE · The New Decade of AIoT Interconnectivity” and will be held totally online at the end of May.

In addition to the usual forums and media session, this year’s conference will feature four new sessions around smart industry trends and ecosystems: Media Conversations, Bestsellers Livestreaming, Brand Live Streaming, and Global Frontier Observation:

Media Conversations will be a Q&A session with IoT business leaders around the current business environment and future trends topics.

Bestsellers Livestreaming will be a demonstration of the top smart home products from the global markets that have been featured during CES, MWC and IFA global exhibitions, so the audience can see all kinds of smart products from lighting, small and big appliances, security and sensors, etc.

Brand Live Streaming will feature 10 leading AIoT brands and factories, showcasing their services and advantages to help participants get to know the various choices to get their ideal partners and factories.

Global Frontier Observation will feature Tuya Smart’s insights on the global smart device market, including region-specific demands and practices from Latin America, Southeastern Asia, to North America and Oceania.

Tuya will also present its 2020 Strategy during the conference and introduce newly onboarded General Manager Fritz Werder, who will share insights and knowledge from his 17 years of experience in AIoT.

Global AIoT industry leaders that have confirmed their participation in the conference include:


-Bluetooth SIG


-Google Assistant






-Zigbee Alliance

The conference is a month away, and more announcements are coming.

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