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Tuya Smart Announces Cooperation with NISSHO to Jointly Explore New Market in Japan
Dec 15, 2020

The two sides will expand the product line of TOLIGO, a smart home brand under NISSHO, and develop a related app to establish the leading position in the Japanese smart home market.

SANTA CLARA, CA—Dec. 15, 2020—Tuya Smart, the world leading AI+IoT developer platform and NISSHO, a leading Japanese household brand, today announced cooperation to jointly expand the interior design-focused TOLIGO smart home product line in the Japanese market and promote the development of the local smart home industry.

As a product line within diversified product brands under NISSHO, TOLIGO bases its sales emphasis on Rakuten market, the largest e-commerce platform in Japan, while at the same time selling its products of interior decoration in more than 11 stores in Japan,, and Yahoo Shopping as well as other e-commerce platforms. Among all of the new products, interior lighting products are the best-sellers with customers.

Since the smart bulbs and interior lights powered by Tuya are beautifully designed and affordable, they have been a hit with customers. Especially the wood-grain smart socket and smart sensor, which are not only in line with the design requirement of users’ expectation towards household products, but also in accordance with the value of TOLIGO of achieving market status with elegant smart products. Through this cooperation, TOLIGO can launch more value-added, beautifully designed smart lighting products and sensors, build a better sales ecology, and most of all improve the trust and recognition customers hold for it.

“Thirteen years ago, I founded NISSHO and started the local e-commerce business in Japan, which mainly focused on the residential needs of users. I am certain that the partnership with Tuya will help us expand our business. Themed ‘Interior × IoT’, TOLIGO will continue to provide comfortable and various living experiences in the future,” said Hidenori Takahashi, President of NISSHO.

With their Powered by Tuya ecology and IoT technology, Tuya has successfully helped TOLIGO to expand into new categories of smart products and new sales channels. In addition, Tuya has developed the TOLIGO app with TOLIGO, connecting smart products to the app, which brings them to life with an easy-to-use interface and various connectivity options so that customers can control smart home devices through the TOLIGO app anytime and anywhere.

In the future, the two sides will deepen their cooperation and jointly invent more smart home products, while at the same time realizing the interconnectivity of products, completing the existing supporting services, and assisting in controlling as many devices as possible for users in the app.

“Tuya will spare no efforts to work together with TOLIGO to launch diversified smart home products, realize more appliance scenarios, publicize the smart home living concepts in the Japanese market, and make it possible for more users to enjoy an all-round smart home experience,” said Yutaka Yasuoka, Senior Business Director of Tuya Japan.


Nissho Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in the overall coordination (Total+Coordinate) of living spaces. Currently, Nissho is focusing on the "Interior EC business" and is committed to expanding the influence of this business in the Japanese market. In the EC business, they work from product design planning to manufacturing and then to retail. Nissho sells high-quality interior products, such as lighting, furniture, and groceries at low prices. At present, about 60% of product sales are their own brand products. These products can provide feedback about customer needs. Nissho always pursues the highest quality living environment with the spirit of craftsmen, and provide customers with products and services that can be assured.

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