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Home>Tuya News>Driving Towards a Low-Carbon Era: Tuya's Innovative Solutions Take Center Stage at Light + Building 2024
Driving Towards a Low-Carbon Era: Tuya's Innovative Solutions Take Center Stage at Light + Building 2024
Mar 03, 2024

Frankfurt, March 4, 2024 - Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT developer service provider, is showcasing its innovations such as the Building Energy Management System and Bluetooth Mesh professional lighting solutions at the Light + Building 2024 in Frankfurt from March 3-8.

Tuya Smart BoothTuya Smart Booth

Aligned with the event's main theme, "BE ELECTRIFIED", Tuya has unveiled its own theme, "IoT: A New Greener World." This underscores Tuya's commitment to delivering enhanced products and solutions via breakthroughs in intelligent technologies such as IoT and AI. Furthermore, it highlights Tuya's dedication to empowering global developers in practicing ESG concepts and fostering collaboration for a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Visitors Gathered at Tuya's BoothVisitors Gathered at Tuya's Booth

Integrating IoT and AI technologies, Revolutionizing Green Living with Tuya's Building Energy Management System

At Light + Building 2024, Tuya Smart is presenting its groundbreaking Building Energy Management System, a fusion of IoT and AI technologies, setting a new standard for green and energy-efficient solutions. This system, capturing immediate attention from attendees, empowers developers to efficiently manage building energy efficiency, curbing operational costs. But, how does this innovative system aid developers in achieving energy conservation?

1.Unified System: Leveraging Tuya's robust IoT technology, the Building Energy Management System enables swift unified hardware device management and visualization of energy data. This facilitates comprehensive energy data planning, laying the groundwork for optimal energy use.

2.Operational Optimization: Through insightful data analysis and predictive capabilities, the system assesses the current energy health of buildings. Establishing a carbon emission model, it evaluates energy efficiency, providing a foundation for targeted improvements.

Building Energy Management SystemBuilding Energy Management System

3.Smart Management: Deep integration of AI enhances the system's effectiveness, offering strategic operational insights and energy-saving recommendations. The system communicates these insights to subsystems like lighting and HVAC, driving energy conservation. It adapts strategies based on seasonal, temporal, and user habit changes, ensuring reliable low-carbon building management.

4.Green Energy Integration: The system enables developers to incorporate smart devices such as photovoltaics and energy storage, fostering green energy adoption and achieving low-carbon consumption.

Widely applied in building, warehouse, and city scenarios, Tuya's Building Energy Management System delivers a transformative building operations experience. In a Singapore warehouse project, it facilitated real-time analysis of energy-consuming equipment, automated operational strategies, and achieved intelligent energy conservation, resulting in over 17% electricity savings for enterprises.

Bluetooth Mesh Professional Lighting Solution Achieves Harmony Between Energy Efficiency and Comfort

As smart technology transforms our world, the global professional smart lighting sector is seizing new opportunities. A report from Mordor Intelligence forecasts the global smart lighting market to soar to $49.37 billion by 2028, with a robust compound annual growth rate of 20.52% in the coming four years.

In response to this burgeoning market, Tuya introduced its Bluetooth Mesh Professional Lighting Solution. Leveraging the low energy consumption and seamless network configuration of Bluetooth Mesh, this solution equips developers with a comprehensive suite of offerings, spanning hardware and software tools. This empowers rapid development of professional smart lighting control systems, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and trimming deployment costs.

Bluetooth Mesh Professional Lighting SolutionBluetooth Mesh Professional Lighting Solution

Beyond efficiency gains, the solution champions energy conservation. Combining professional smart lighting with Tuya-enabled human-sensing sensors, the smart lighting control system optimizes brightness control, achieving substantial energy savings. Enterprises adopting the Bluetooth Mesh Professional Lighting Solution report saving a minimum of 50% in energy costs.

Tuya complements this innovation by showcasing hardware products aligned with the Bluetooth Mesh Professional Lighting Solution. This enables developers and brand customers to swiftly establish a holistic product loop for professional lighting, complete with customizable and differentiated full-stack capabilities across the entire software and hardware chain. Notable features include Tuya-enabled professional sensors for light and human perception, featuring Bluetooth local distributed control and scheduling capabilities. These devices enhance smart lighting control systems with diverse local automation capabilities, along with functions such as three-stage dimming, light sensitivity priority, power-off memory, and power statistics—profoundly optimizing electricity consumption in lighting scenarios.

Tuya Smart Commercial Enables Developers to Overcome Industry Challenges

At Light + Building 2024, the Tuya Smart Commercial Exhibition Area shines a spotlight on cutting-edge solutions across verticals like Commercial Lighting & Office, Hospitality, Residential, House & Real Estate. This dynamic showcase captivates developers worldwide, fostering a continuous exchange of R&D ideas.

Tuya Smart Commercial Exhibition AreaTuya Smart Commercial Exhibition Area

In the realm of Smart Commercial Lighting & Office, Tuya introduced an energy-saving lighting solution designed for high consumption scenarios such as indoor public areas and parking lots. Harnessing global standard Bluetooth Mesh technology, this solution delivers a range of smart offerings, including IoT sensing tri-proof lights, T8 light tubes, line lights, and panel lights. Additionally, it establishes a visual brand commercial lighting management platform and app for customers, offering insights into fixture status, service lifecycle, alarms, and anomalies. The lighting management web platform provides energy consumption tools and optimization strategies, enhancing operational efficiency and promoting energy conservation.

Tri-proof LightsTri-proof Lights

To streamline smart lighting projects, the solution offers a user-friendly installation and debugging process. Through network group and scene configuration, coupled with intelligent IR + Bluetooth LE remote management, installation takes just one second, entirely cloud-independent. Remote management data can seamlessly synchronize with the cloud in the future. Even without cloud connectivity, customers can centrally manage fixtures locally, showcasing flexibility and ease of operation. Already implemented in numerous global projects, this solution boasts a comprehensive energy efficiency rate exceeding 80%.

For the Smart Hospitality and Residential scenarios, Tuya takes center stage with its cutting-edge commercial smart door lock solution. The Gsmart Lock App, a fully functional application, simplifies key distribution through efficient batch management. Leveraging its open ecosystem, the Gsmart Lock App seamlessly integrates with other devices within Tuya's hardware ecosystem, opening doors to endless possibilities for hardware interaction. The app further supports API/SDK customization development, empowering developers to create innovative, differentiated products, and solutions.

Commercial Smart Door Lock SolutionCommercial Smart Door Lock Solution

For Smart House and Real Estate, Tuya introduces the KNX + Wireless Integration Solution. This groundbreaking solution harmoniously integrates wired smart home systems with wireless counterparts, fostering seamless interconnection between devices. Addressing challenges prevalent in the current smart home market, such as low device management efficiency and suboptimal living environment experiences, the solution offers consumers efficient and convenient smart services.

KNX + Wireless Integration SolutionKNX + Wireless Integration Solution

At Light + Building 2024, Tuya's showcase spans diverse solutions in the lighting and building sectors, treating developers worldwide to a technological feast. As Tuya continues its exploration of energy-saving solutions, it remains committed to providing novel ideas for global developers, contributing to the creation of a greener, low-carbon, and sustainable world.

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