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Highlight of Tuya's First Southeast Asia AI+IoT Business Conference Online
Sep 23, 2020

IoT · Southeast Asia · Growth

“The Southeast Asia AI+IoT Business Conference Online is a major initiative that involves important key industry players, who will move forward the development of IoT, and shift the entire smart home landscape in Southeast Asia and give great momentum to its growth.”

Smart Home · Smart Business

“If you are lucky enough to already be in the smart business, you’ve gathered more experience and understanding; but as I said before, just don't get too excited yet. Stepping into the smart home and connected, intelligent business is a first step. But how to continue to remain competitive is a longer story.”

Industry 4.0 · Smart City · Industrial IoT

“Relating to Industry 4.0, we can see that in smart city and smart home implementation. So, the growth of smart city and smart home have supported Industry 4.0 in many sectors. We can see the IoT, industrial IoT, and automation are growing in Indonesia right now.”

Digitalization · Collaboration · Innovation

“The journey of transformation and digitalization is not a solo or silo effort. To be successful in embarking and intensifying the digitalization and transformation process, we need to collaborate with partners, enterprises, workers, government locally, regionally and globally. The Southeast Asia AI+IoT Business Conference Online initiated by Tuya Smart is an excellent platform for all of us to share and learn from one another and start an exciting series of conversations on harnessing of technologies, AI-IoT and other innovative solutions to shape the future of manufacturing and business.”

Opportunity · Smart City

“Some industries are getting good opportunities under the epidemic. The opportunity that we see is to cooperate with the government to build a smart city, because everyone is concerned about the epidemic and disinfection methods.”

IoT · Market Potential · Asia Pacific

“The global IoT market is expected to reach one trillion dollars by 2025. Among all the different markets, Asia Pacific market has the highest revenue potential of about 386 billion dollars by 2025.”

Digital Transformation · Quality · Productivity

“All businesses have to follow this digital transformation. If we are still in our comfort zone, business will not survive. Digital transformation must be followed, such as digital payment, online shopping, online learning, digital marketing to reach more and new customers, utilizing smart home products to improve quality of life and use automation to improve productivity.”

Smart Home · Growth · Unicorns

“We have so many unicorns in Indonesia. So, probably this will be the start when young people begin to learn more about the smart home. And we can see the smart home market is growing rapidly here right now, which is a good sign.”

5G · Interconnectivity · Convenience

“We are optimistic that growth will resume in 2021. Currently our mobile networks are upgrading to 5G which puts us in a better position to have interconnectivity between various products. Mobility and lifestyles will be enhanced because of this. People will be apprehensive at the start as they would wonder how it can improve their lives but we will see an uptake on these products as people resume their lives and need the convenience that a smart home brings.”

Technology · Internet · IoT

“One of the silver linings of the Covid-19 pandemic is that it serves as a wake-up call on the importance of cultivating an inclusive digital space. And also getting people and businesses to go online and be receptive and open to adopting new technology. So I believe with increasing number of internet users and growing adoption of smart devices, it can change the market dynamic and drive up the popularity of IoT adoption.”

Smart Lighting

“Visualization is the key. If people can visualize exactly how products are going to be integrated in their daily life, you would already win half of the battle.”

Connectivity· Convenience · Energy Saving

“Along the way with the wider coverage of internet and lower cost of devices, more homes will be connected. And with such connectivity, consumers will be able to enjoy the convenience of automation and ultimately lead to energy saving, where devices shall work around our movement and environment.”

IoT· Growth · Connectivity

“The current market for IoT in APAC is growing. The advantages of IoT systems make more and more people switch from traditional control systems to IoT connective systems.”

Internet· Innovation · Connection

“Due to travel restrictions and home isolation under the pandemic, the demand for various entertainment and interaction on the Internet has increased in Thailand, where Internet products and services like APP remote control have become quite popular. IoT innovation is driven by increasing demands of connection scenarios, which will become more and more automated and intelligent.”

Forecast · Southeast Asia Market

“Southeast Asia’s GDP already surpassed UK in 2018, and will surpass Japan in 2025 to become the fourth biggest economy in the world just behind US, China and, Europe, which is the forecast by World Bank. Therefore, the whole market of Southeast Asia will be one of the most attractive markets in the world in the next 10 years.”

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