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Tuya Smart partners with Gaya, to Bring Smart Lights and Smart Life to Brazil
Nov 03, 2021

Nov. 4, 2021-- Tuya Inc. ("Tuya Smart" or the "Company") (NYSE: TUYA), a leading global IoT development platform, and Gaya, a leading lighting company in Brazil, today announced a strategic partnership to further strengthen the cooperation between the two companies from smart lighting to many more smart categories.

With ten years of experience, Gaya offers the most complete product line available in the Brazilian lighting market. Its reasonable price point and excellent customer service ensure that a wide range of both residential and commercial customers in Brazil enjoy high-quality lighting. Gaya seeks to make industry-leading lighting technology accessible to Brazilian consumers. Starting in 2020, Gaya began cooperating with Tuya Smart to further improve the innovative smart lighting solutions it could offer to consumers.

The Tuya IoT development platform enables Gaya to develop smart products with low or no code, significantly simplifying and speeding up the complex IoT hardware development process. With Tuya’s abundant developing resources, Gaya has quickly created its own app and upgraded its products lines, and has already launched more than ten smart SKUs, such as smart bulbs, smart LED strips, smart sockets, smart filament lights. With this cooperation, Gaya possesses the most complete smart lighting categories in Brazil.

Gaya sees “being smart” as an integral part to its business strategy. Eddy Candi, director and partner of Gaya said, “We always focus on making people’s life simpler and more accessible. We care about how lighting can improve a customer’s quality of life.” Gaya was fascinated by the idea of how smart devices, such as lighting can create optimal and comfortable environments in the smart home. When deciding to embrace the latest IoT technology, Tuya Smart was Gaya’s partner of choice.

“We believe that direct tech approaches, together with the great resources Tuya provides, can make an amazing difference to the user experience and quality of life,” remarked Candi. Lighting products embedded with smart components have received a warm reaction in the market. More than 100,000 pieces have so far been sold in major chains and lighting stores across Brazil. Gaya’s upgraded products are now also available on Amazon and Mercado Livre, Brazil’s top two e-commerce platforms.

Johnny Lu, General Manager of Tuya Smart’s Latin America, Middle East, and Africa Region said, “Under this cooperation, Tuya will continue to provide Gaya with technical support and expand its smart products lines in order to better fulfill the ever-changing needs of consumers. It is our common goal to make life smart and easy.”

Other than its signature lighting best-sellers, Gaya has also started developing new lines of smart products. As part of cooperation with Tuya Smart, it launched smart switches and a Universal IR Controller in October 2021. Looking forward to 2022, Gaya plans to take first steps in other fields such as fitness.

Gaya’s new smart products and categories are all backed by the “Powered by Tuya” (PBT) ecosystem to create an interconnected “smart home” for users. All smart products based on Tuya technology are labeled with PBT mark. All products featuring the PBT label, regardless of product category, can be easily controlled by users within one App. As part of the ecosystem, Gaya leverages the interconnection and potential integrated operation with the over 410,000 PBT smart devices. Looking forward, this offers more possibilities to offer consumers a convenient and smart life.

About Gaya

Gaya is completing 10 years in the lighting business in 2021, and 18 years in the import business. Gaya is specialized in innovation, always bringing to market the newest and more innovative products. One of Gaya's main goals is to make the best available technology to the Brazilian market, with fair price and a focus on the post sales care for customers.

About Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA) is a global IoT development platform that builds interconnectivity standards to bridge the intelligent needs of brands, OEMs, developers, and retail chains across a broad range of smart devices and industries. Based on the global public cloud, Tuya connects different intelligent scenarios and smart devices by providing hardware development tools, integrating global cloud services, and offering an smart business development platform. Tuya provides comprehensive smart empowerment from technology to marketing to foster a neutral, open, and accessible developer ecosystem.

For more information, please visit Tuya's Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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