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Home>Tuya News>Tuya Smart Showcased Multiple Innovative Offerings at CES 2024 With Market-Leading Innovations
Tuya Smart Showcased Multiple Innovative Offerings at CES 2024 With Market-Leading Innovations
Jan 11, 2024

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX:2391), a global IoT developer service provider, has taken the spotlight at CES 2024 by showcasing an impressive lineup of cutting-edge smart products and solutions featuring market-leading innovations.

[Tuya Smart’s Booth at CES 2024][Tuya Smart’s Booth at CES 2024]

Under the theme "All Together, All On Smart," Tuya emphasizes its commitment to collaborating with global developers in exploring market trends, delivering superior smart products to consumers, and realizing the vision of sustainable development and smart coexistence worldwide.

[Visitors gathered at Tuya's Booth][Visitors gathered at Tuya's Booth]

With years of deep cultivation and exploration in IoT, AI, and cloud computing, Tuya is keenly attuned to the evolving market dynamics of smart products. As smart technologies continue to mature, the demand for smart products expands across various categories. In addition, energy scarcity and soaring energy prices have made energy conservation a key feature of most smart products. Thus, people have gradually put forward higher demands for the experience of smart products. Tuya, in collaboration with developers, has created a diverse range of innovative products in smart homes, energy management, transportation, health, and IPC, all on display at CES 2024.

Elevating Happiness with Intelligence

With the help of smart technology, happiness is easily obtainable. To enable people to achieve happier lives, Tuya has introduced innovative smart products based on market demand, such as the smart bird feeder, the laser night light projector, and smart central control panels, greatly enhancing people's sense of happiness.

1.Assisting Bird Lovers with Flexible Bird Observation - Smart Bird Feeder

The Tuya-enabled smart bird feeder allows bird enthusiasts to observe avian friends without disruption. With a low-energy-consumption network camera live-streaming bird activities, identifying over 10,000 bird species, and sharing rare captures, it ensures a seamless bird-watching and sharing experience.

The solar-powered feature ensures continuous battery life, allowing users to observe birds effortlessly and making it an ideal bird observation companion.

2.Immersive Visual Experience - Laser Night Light Projector

In a realm where smart home devices abound, the Tuya-enabled laser night light projector provides a unique coziness often missing from conventional projectors. This innovation significantly improves users’ sleep quality and visual experiences, creating a soothing ambiance reminiscent of a vast starry sky.

[Laser Night Light Projector][Laser Night Light Projector]

The projector's customizable features include adjustable rotation speed, brightness, and duration of stars projected, tailoring the sleep environment to individual preferences and earning its place as a cherished "bedtime companion."

3.A Good Helper for Home Appliances Management - Smart Control Panel

Addressing the comfort aspect of smart home devices, the smart control panel takes the spotlight. Connecting smart home products for one-click integrated control, it simplifies home product management to a small screen. Its resilient functionality even in weak or disconnected network situations aligns seamlessly with end-users' preferences.

[Smart Control Panel][Smart Control Panel]

Supporting various intelligent interaction methods, including voice, vision, and gestures, it ensures a high-end experience of "You get what you see and what you touch."

Beyond Your Imagination

Tuya also unveiled unexpectedly innovative smart products, such as the smart lawn mower, smart photo frames, and smart food thermometer, enriching product categories and infusing vibrant colors into daily life.

1.Smart "Gardener" - Smart Mower Robot

Confronting the laborious task of mowing, Tuya enables developers to create the lawn mower robot.

[Lawn Mower Robot][Lawn Mower Robot]

With positioning and navigation functions, the lawn mower robot independently plans routes, and mows according to user-specified ranges, and provides real-time management through the mobile app. Moreover, it will automatically return through its integrated rain sensor, which makes it more easily accessible.

2.Memorial Moments with Zero Distance - Smart Photo Frames

Acknowledging the challenges of being away from home, the smart photo fame serves as a comforting solution.

[Smart Photo Frame][Smart Photo Frame]

Users can upload daily moments to the cloud photo frame via an app, sharing happiness with their elderly parents. The frame automatically plays, offering a quick insight into the end-user's daily life, fostering comfort, and alleviating loneliness.

3.Mastering Food Temperature Anytime, Anywhere - Smart Food Thermometer

Perfecting the art of cooking, Tuya introduces a smart food thermometer that assists in baking and grilling high-quality dishes.

[Smart Food Thermometer][Smart Food Thermometer]

This smart food thermometer displays the central temperature of the food, connects to the end-user's phone via Bluetooth, and provides real-time cooking progress tracking. This not only ensures the quality of the dishes but also eliminates the user being on standby all the time in the kitchen, which is reliable and helpful.

Sustainable Development in the World

In pursuit of global green and sustainable goals, Tuya introduces products like Smart Thermostats and Energy-Saving Kits, making home appliances more convenient and energy-efficient.

1.Realize Energy-saving and Cozy Environment - Smart Thermostats

Tackling high electricity costs from air conditioning, the Tuya-enabled Smart Thermostat can effortlessly reduce electricity bills.

[Smart thermostats][Smart thermostats]

Adapting to user habits and home entry times, it automatically adjusts room temperature, providing constant comfort. When no one is home, the thermostat autonomously turns off home appliances, helping users to reduce electricity consumption by at least 10%-20%, a significant electricity savings.

2.Reducing Energy Consumption of Home Appliances - Energy-saving Kit

Addressing high monthly electricity consumption, Tuya's Energy-saving Kit offers a solution.

[Energy-saving Kit][Energy-saving Kit]

By learning temperature and humidity status data, the Energy-saving Kit can adjust home appliances based on user preferences, gradually leading to substantial energy savings and reducing energy consumption by up to 54% per month.

At CES 2024, Tuya unveiled a diverse array of Tuya-enabled smart products to global developers, aiming to offer a glimpse into the future of smart living. Looking ahead, Tuya is committed to a deeper understanding of market demands and working with global developers to bring more smart products that meet consumer expectations.

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